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The Village of Klaump

by Jeff Daly

AC: 8
HP: 500
Att: 1 lead ball (10hp or 5d10 or 10d10)

Looking down upon the Village of Klaump, from a skyship perhaps, one is likely to see a square construct, upon which resides many iron-plated buildings (each building itself has AC 6 and 20 to 40hp). There is a retractable entrance ramp (40' wide, but with a low overhead) positioned in the north west of the village, and the Great Smiting Arm of Chthagyar is in the centre.

The Arm is a huge metal tower, dominating most of the central portion of the village, from which swivels a mammoth, retractable, horizontal bar holding a huge lead ball, suspended from a chain. The ball can reach any area from the edge of the village, to 40' away from the edge. This is due to the retractable bar. The chain can be lengthened and shortened by a dizzying array of levers located inside the control tower.

The ball is used to attack armies and attacking earthshakers. The listed damage represents structural, sweeping, and pounding.

Structural damage: This is the damage given to another earthshaker. It is a set amount, and assumes the earthshaker is made out of metal. Wooden constructs are likely to take up to 20 hp of damage.

Sweeping damage: This attack is when the artillerist and his crew cause the ball to swing rapidly at a group of attackers. It slams through an area 10' wide, and 20' long. A saving through versus Death Ray will cause half damage.

Pounding damage: This results when the ball comes down in an overhead attack. It affects an area 10' by 10'. A saving through versus Death Ray will cause half damage.

The village moves about on 4 squat metal legs. They are 20'x20' in diameter and rise 30' from the ground. The entire village is 80' square and 50' high.