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I ran a few adventures set in Thunder Rift the other summer. They were designed to introduce new players to the game when I started at a new school. (Alas the kids preferred to play Warhammer). Here are some bits that we came up with. Firstly my 3.5 version of Kleine, which became the adventurers base.


by mister c

Conventional; AL N; 200gp limit; Assets 5400 gp; Population 540; Isolated (518 human, 11 halfling, 6 elf, 3 gnome, 2 dwarf.)
Authority Figures:
Mayor Markol, male human Ari 4;
Councillor Baur, male human Ari 2;
Councillor Silantha, female human Ari 2;
Sister Vextan, leader of the Kleine temple, female human Clr 6;
Jennel, leader of the Kleine watch, female human Ftr 5;
Other Notable Figures:
Norion, leatherworker, male human Exp 6;
Menion, male human Wiz 5, owner of Menionís Tower and local wizard tutor;
Wisthan, stable master, male human Ade 3;
Lianna, owner of the Melodious Harpy, female human Brd 3;
Remaining Population:
2x Ade 1, 3 Ari 1, Bar 3, 2x Bar 1, 2x Brd 1, 2x Clr 3, 4x Clr 1, Com 6, 2x Com 4, 4x Com 2, 456x Com 1, Drd 5, 2x Drd 3, 4x Drd1, 2x Exp 3, 15x Exp 1, 2x Ftr 3, 4x Ftr 1, Pal 1, Rgr 2, 2x Rgr 1, Rog 3, 2x Rog 1, Sor 3, 2x Sor 1, War 4, 2x War 2, 25 x War 1, 2x Wiz 3, 4x Wiz 1.
[Inc. 5full time watch (Ftr3, 2x Ftr1, and 2x War1); and 27 militia (War 4, 13x War 1,).]

Kleine rests on the shores of turbulent Lake Ostrel, taking its bounty from the waters and from the fertile land surrounding the lake. Those who sail the lake in small crafts quickly haul in an abundance of fish. The pure water, direct from the Plunging Cataract, seems healthy for the fish because their numbers never seem to lessen. Similarly, by farming crops or herding cattle and sheep, citizens can easily wrest their needs from the earth. The land in this northern region is exceptionally fertile, excellent for bountiful yields and healthful grazing. When the season is over, the farmers can bring their harvest and livestock into the town proper where they generally receive a fair price for their efforts. The town also provides a tavern, the Melodious Harpy, for its hard-working (and no doubt thirsty) farmers. The Harpy is very popular among the citizenry of Kleine, and it has become the unofficial town hall. The Melodious Harpy is where the locals come to relax, blow off steam, and enjoy one another's company.
The population of Kleine is almost exclusively human, but dwarves, elves, and halflings are always welcomed.
There is no smithy in Kleine. When the citizens need metal work done, they must either travel to Melinir or Torlynn, or they must put in an order at the trading post. The orders go out once a week and travel down the Drake River with trade goods. The smith in Melinir usually finishes the work in time to catch the upriver ferry, two weeks from the time he receives the orders. The Torlynn smith is usually faster since he receives a lesser volume of work from Torlynn's populace. However, his work is generally of lower quality than that of Melinir's smith. As if to compensate for its lack of a smith, Kleine houses one of the finest leatherworkers in the valley. Given time and some decent leather, he can turn almost any hide into a durable work of art.
Kleine has most of the other things that make a town liveable, including a general store, a temple, warehouses, stables, a mill and a decent inn (the Fisherís Rest). Kleine is a small town, though, so the residents must travel to Melinir (or even out of the Rift) if they desire any city life.
The only trading route these days is downstream to Melinir. The ongoing dwarf/orc conflicts dissuade all but the most foolhardy merchants from travelling into the Farolas Hills. The best bet for safely selling one's goods is to send them down the river.
Kleine holds a market once a week, around 30 stalls and wandering sellers can be found, split between the market place by the lakeshore and the fairground south of town
Kleine has a 50-foot-tall watchtower located on one of its winding streets. From here, the watch (composed entirely of volunteers, commanded by Jennel) can make sure that any assault does not come unheralded. If the town is in imminent danger of being attacked the watch rings a bell at hand, whereupon all citizens rush to their homes, bar their doors, and the militia ready their weapons. Although the town has never yet been under siege, they remain prepared for just such an emergency.
Just outside of town, on a small island in Lake Ostrel, lives the local wizard, Menion. This powerful mage takes in apprentices, and sells advice, spells and minor arcane items.
Kleine is also the centre for The Lodge of the Green, a local sect of druidic nature worshipers. They have no known centre of worship, but move from one sacred site to another on different holy days or nights.

Locations in Kleine
1 The Kleine Temple
This building is home for several of the good faiths followed in the region. Heironeous/Vanya, Pelor/Ixion and St Cuthbert/Halav.
Creatures; The temple is run by Sister Vextan, an elderly cleric of Pelor/Ixion, who sees her position as a balance between her more martial underlings, Roban, male human Clr3 (Heironeous/Vanya) and Elias, male human Clr3 (St Cuthbert/Halav). There are 6 acolytes at the temple

2 Priestís House
This modest building provides accommodation for Kleineís clergy; there is also a guest room for any important visitors.
Creatures; Kleineís only resident paladin, Lionem (LG male human Pal 1) also lives here.
Adventures; Lionem is keen on making a name for himself as a champion of good, and will readily agree to accompany adventurers if their mission seems justified.

3 The Watchtower
Kleineís watch are based here, under the capable command of Captain Jennel. The tower is five stories high, and contains emergency stores and weapons for both the watch and the militia.

4 The Mill
This windmill is owned and run by Henry the Miller (CG male human Exp 2).

5 Granaries
Kleineís farmers store their grain here after harvest. Some is sold on to Melinir and Torlynn, the rest is kept for Kleineís own use.

6 Hosperís General Store
Hosper (male human Clr 1) and his wife sell most items listed in the playerís handbook that fall under Kleineís 200gp limit. More exotic items can be ordered, taking 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. Hosper is a follower of /Asterius

7 The Fisherís Rest
The Fisherís Rest is the only inn in Kleine, and indeed for miles around (though desperate travellers can often get lodging in a farmerís barn in exchange for a few coins or a favour).
The Rest is owned and run by Orikin, male halfling Rog 3, Whilst not in any way a guildmaster, Orikin has trained one of his serving girls in the thiefly arts, Dortha, female human Rog 1.

8 Stables
The stableman at the inn is known as Ďthe Cunning Maní. Wisthan, male human Adt 3, cares for both man and beast. He never takes payment, other than in kind, but may request tasks be done in the surrounding wilderness. Wisthan is an inner circle member of the Lodge of the Green, and can introduce interested and sympathetic adventurers to the Lodge.

9 The Mine Office
The various mines in the Burning Hills are registered here. Business has declined with the increase in Kobold and Goblin numbers in the area.

10 Lostarielís Boatyard
Lostariel, male elf Exp 3, makes his living designing and building boats for the local fishermen. For an elf he is surprisingly ordinary and unimaginative. His partner is Rikkan male human Exp 3, the local carpenter/cooper

11 The Docks
These docks act for both the local fisherfolk and the various barges travelling between Lake Ostrel and Lake Ganif.

12 Warehouses
Goods are stored here awaiting distribution to the store or the market, or transport downriver.

13 The Market Place
Kleine holds a market once a week, with various fairs held seasonally. Normally the market place contains the following stalls, both from locals and also from travelling dealers.
4 stalls selling agricultural goods (seed, equipment etc),
3 stalls selling dairy products (milk, cheese etc),
6 stalls selling livestock (cattle, sheep etc),
4 stalls selling prepared foodstuffs (pies, bread, vegetables etc),
4 stalls selling drinks (wine, ale etc),
1 potter, 1 knife sharpener (Asckt, the gnome resident in the village), 1 tinker, 1 horse trader, 1 tailor, 1 dyer and seller of cloth, 1 seller of lamps and candles, 1 seller of parchments and maps, 1 jeweller.

14 The Melodious Harpy
This tavern is the most popular establishment in Kleine. It offers good quality drink and food, though those wanting accommodation must try the Fisherís Rest.
The owner, Lianna, was once a renowned singer in Melinir, She fell in love with a Kleine lad, and moved here to spend the rest of her days in wedded bliss. Unfortunately, the bridal party was attacked on the road by orcs, she was the only survivor.

15 Norionís Leathergoods
Norion, male human Exp 6, is a master at making leather goods. Although he can tan hides, he prefers to work on ready cured leather. He can produce masterwork leather goods of any kind, and indeed longs for the opportunity, he is also very interested in unusual hides, and will readily overcome his dislike of tanning should anyone present him with a rare skin or hide.

16 Asckt The Blade
Asckt, male gnome Ftr 1, lives here. He specialises in blades, caring for them, selling them, and using them. His duties vary, including keeping the farmerís scythes sharp, being an active member of the militia and occasionally hiring himself out as mercenary guard or adventurer.

17 Wells
The residents of Kleine use these wells for convenience. Lake Ostrelís water is clean and refreshing, quite good enough to use in cooking etc, though it can get a bit unpleasant around the docks, as waste tends to be dumped in the lake.

19 The Fairground
This open field near the mill is used whenever extra space is required. Notable uses include on market days, for drilling the militia, and for the seasonal fairs.

20 The House of Grentis
Grentis (male human Ari 4) lives here with his family.
Kleineís famous Sceptre of Truth is also kept here in a room set aside for closed council business.

Locations Around Kleine
The Lodge of the Green
This is the name given to the local Druids and their worship. The Lodge is not in any way secret, but does like to be mysterious. The Ďpriestsí are called the Inner Circle, the rest of the followers are the Outer Circle.
The Lodge is led by Aralleriathana, female elf Dru 5. Her followers are typically human farmers who wish to work in a more natural way. Various druids and adepts serve as the priesthood, and Destrin, male human Ran 2 and Berith, female human Bar 3 act as the Lodgeís protectors.

Menionís Tower
This three-storey tower is built on a small island just off the lakeside about ľ mile from town. Two small outbuildings house stables and lodging for visitors. The ground floor of the tower has a reception hall for visitors and what passes for a shop selling magic items and spells.
Menion is a rather portly mage in late middle age. He retired from active adventuring many years ago, and relishes being the most powerful wizard in the area. Clever use of wands and scrolls has allowed him to appear more powerful than perhaps he is. He is keen to maintain that edge, and is always on the lookout for relevant magic items. He enjoys teaching his apprentices, Stenner, female human Wiz 2 and Ekli the Bright, male halfling Wiz 1.