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Map of Klath-T'zarth

by Geoff Gander

So, based on the above, we have a preliminary timeline as follows (dated from the founding of the city, in case the date of founding needs to be moved):

Year 0: Abb-H'zoth is founded on the still-visible ruins of Priallus - likely it is little more than a fort and coastal village.

Year +75: Abb-H'zoth is a large town or small city, with a well-defined network of streets and defences. The surrounding land has been cleared to some degree.

Year +100: Abb-H'zoth tries to expand its holdings further. Some conflict with other peoples ensues. Some territory is gained, but the population is too small to hold much of it.

Year +120: Wandering lizard men enter the region. They see the land as an ideal spot to settle, but refuse to submit to the rule of Abb-H'zoth. Mammalian races probably react with hostility (being unwilling to distinguish between the newcomers and the denizens of Abb-H'zoth). The lizard men settle on the fringes.

Year +130: It becomes clear that the troglodyte underclass is unhappy with their lot. The lizard men meet with them, and try to convince them to revolt.

Year +135: Revolution! The troglodytes manage to slaughter their masters, but many are killed in the process. The lizard men enter and finish off the victors, down to the last egg. They rename the city Klath-T'zarth, and throw many strange idols into the Adakkian Sound, and raze the more unwholesome buildings.

Year +150: Uneasy peace established with other peoples (who realise that the lizard men aren't quite the same as the original inhabitants). Basic trade develops (as Klath-T'zarth is the only port in the region).

Year +200: Klath-T'zarth becomes prosperous, after a fashion. There is a brisk trade in sea hydra leather (some finding its way to markets as far as Kastelios), and some locals bring in extra money as guides for those passing through. Klath-T'zarth is unknown outside the region.

[some other events]

Year +???: Contact is established with explorers from the settlement of Nieuw Bergdhoven. The humans trade weapons and tools for local herbs (for medicines and insect repellents) and cured hydra hides.

Year +???: The Renardois take over Nieuw Bergdhoven. The lizard men of Klath-T'zarth happily trade with the lupins, and sell their services as guides to Renardois explorers and prospectors.