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King of the Ashes

by Sean Meaney

Learning of the Destruction of the Known World, by Star-fall in the Summer of AC1006, Ragnar of Ostland journies deep into the Ruination of the Known World.

He found that an inferno had raged even in the Forests north of the Soderfjord Jarldoms blowing embers with of a Maelstrom of ash, and sand, and stone. Survivors poured into the damaged capital of Soderfjord but Norrvik and Vestland were gone, its forests and crops burning.

If the survivors realized that Ostland was untouched, they would build boats from the felled forests and invade Ostland seeking food and shelter.

Ragnar could do nothing other than order his boat crew to return to Ostland and alert them to the threat posed by the survivors.