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Humans of the Known World

by Håvard

I'm trying to make a handout for players with descriptions of the races of the Known World. I'm doing the humans fist. I want to give descriptions in the style of the Players Guide to the Wilderlands:

<Name>: The name of the race

<General Description>: This should be ca 10 sentences and provide description of the race's cultural traits, clothing, customs, attitude, where their lands are, what immortals they worship etc.

Physical Description: Very briefly covering average height, weight, hair, eyes and skin colour.

Languages: Which languages do they know automatically and which extra languages are they likely to learn first.

Preferred class(es): Classes that are popular in this culture. Both PC and NPC classes apply.

The human races are categorised like as follows:

Antalians - People of the Northern Reaches, Heldann, Norwold, Wendar etc.
Ethengar - People of Ethengar
Alasiyans - People of Ylaruam
Darokinians - People of Darokin. They are mixed, but should be considered one here.
Glantrians - Mixed as they are, these should also be covered under as one entry. Might allow for more than 10 sentences for this one.
Thyatians - includes Kerendans, but not Hattians.
Hattians - natives of Hattias and the ruling class of Heldann
Traladarans - Natives of Traladara. Boldavians are considered Glantrians
Atruaghin - Includes all tribes
Sindhi - People of Sind
Dunael - Natives of the Isle of Dawn (Redstone, Caerdwicca etc)
Makai - entry should include nativised Ierendians
Alphatians, True -
Alphatians, Cypri -
Ochaleans - People of Ochalea
Cynidicean - Natives of Cynidicea
Minrothadders - Natives of Minrothad
Thothians - Natives of Thothia

by Andrew Theisen

These humans were originally a subject race of the ancient Nithian empire from the Isle of Dawn. They are the principal ethnic stock of the Emirates of Ylaruam, and form minority groups in Thyatis and eastern Darokin. Largely nomadic, they value the family and tribal unit above all, and have a deep reverence for the Immortals. The commoners wear plain trousers and shirts with long robes and sandals; nobles dress more elegantly, wearing more expensive materials and often adding wide sashes, jewellery, and expensive boots.
Physical Description: Dusky skin, dark brown or black hair and eyes, 6' 1"(male), 5'8" (female), sharp features, slight build.
Languages: Ylari (Automatic), Alphatian, Thyatian, Traladaran, dwarf.
Preferred class(es): Cleric, Fighter

ALPHATIANS (CYPRI- includes some Blackhill and Aalbanese)
by Andrew Theisen

Derogatorily referred to as "Common" Alphatians these humans are the result of generations of interbreeding between the otherworldly "Pure" Alphatians and the Cypri civilisation. Outside of the continent of Alphatia, they are found primarily in the islands of the Minrothad Guilds, the Emirates of Ylaruam, and the Principalities of Glantri (mainly in Blackhill). Men and women commonly wear a kihara- a full length robe with flowing sleeves. The ostentatiousness of the kihara varies in direct correlation to the wearer's social status.
Physical Description: Coppery skin, golden brown to dark brown or red hair, brown, gold, green, hazel, or amber eyes, 6' (male), 5'9 (female), delicate bones and facial features, lean build.
Languages: Alphatian, Thyatian (Automatic), elf (sylvan), draconic, auran.
Preferred class(es): Wizard, Cleric

by John Walter Biles

The Darokinians are the polyglot peoples of the nation of Darokin; they vary widely in origins but have come to share a common culture to a large extent, though they remain very physically mixed. Darokinian culture is dominated by merchants, trade, and mercantile metaphors. Darokinians may be found all over the world, buying and selling, though most never leave their homeland. Darokinians are not especially religious, though there is a Church of Darokin and if forced to choose a single patron immortal, many Darokinians would choose Asterius in either his honest or dishonest aspect.
Physical Description: Pick a nation adjacent to Darokin and use its physical characteristics.
Languages: Darokinian and Thyatian (Automatic), Any language spoken in an adjacent country
Preferred class(es): Expert, Merchant-Prince, Rogue

ETHENGARIANS (includes Makistani of Ylaruam)
by Andrew Theisen

The Ethengarians are nomadic horsemen that roam the Sea of Grass tending their herds in the northern Known World. Renown as fierce warriors, they are traditionally divided into family clans, ruled by tribal khans. Every so often, a single Great Khan is chosen by the tribes to unite them against the outside world. Ethengarians wear heavy fur clothing and hats for protection against the cold and harsh wind of the plains.
Physical Description: Dark coppery skin, long black hair- on men the head is shaved in on top in a circle, leaving hair at the sides and a long braid in the centre, brown eyes, 5'4" (male), 5'2" (female), heavy build.
Languages: Ethengarian (Automatic), Thyatian, Heldannic, dwarf, orc, goblin, sylvan.
Preferred class(es): Barbarian, Fighter, Spirit Shaman

THYATIANS (HATTIANS - includes Aalbanese)
by Andrew Theisen

One of three tribes of barbarians to migrate north from Davania, the purist Hattians maintained a different set of traditions from their Thyatian and Kerendan kin. The island of Hattias in Thyatis is home to the largest population of these folk, but they also have a significant presence in Glantri and in the Heldannic Territories. They believe themselves to be the greatest race, and all others (including their Thyatian relatives) to be lesser beings. Racial purity is of tantamount importance to them. They wear similar tunics and trousers as other Thyatians, though with much more attention to formality and with knee high boots.
Physical Description: Olive skin, brown or black hair, blue or grey eyes, 5' 11" (male), 5'5" (female), wide brow and heavy facial features, solid build.
Languages: Thyatian (Automatic), Alphatian, Hinterlander, dwarf.
Preferred class(es): Cleric, Fighter

by Håvard

The Traladarans are the original population of Karameikos, where they make up the majority of the lower and middle classes. Traladarans are a superstitious lot, putting faith in curses and good luck charms. They live in a feudal society and most are farmers or craftsmen. Traladarans like to dress in bright colours and wear jewellery if they an afford it. Traladarans worship the Immortals known as the Traladaran Three, Halav, Petra and Zirchev, epic heroes of a lost Golden Age. Many Traladarans show a dislike towards Thyatians who now make up the ruling class of their country. There are exceptions to this, and there has been some marriages between Thyatians and Traladarans. Children of mixed parentage have a more positive attitude towards both groups and are also usually accepted by both.
Physical Description: Pale skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair, 5'9 (male), 5'3 (female), light build.
Languages: Traladaran and Thyatian (Automatic), Elf (Callarii), dwarf, gnome, halfling.
Preferred class(es): Ranger, Fighter

THYATIANS (includes Kerendans and Caurenzans)
by Andrew Theisen

The Thyatians and Kerendans were the other two major tribes to emigrate to the Known World in ancient times. These people have since gone on to form the mighty Thyatian Empire. Outside of their imperial holdings, they may also be found in Karameikos, Darokin, Glantri, and Ierendi in large numbers. They are a haughty people, and renown the world over for their treachery. They wear thigh-length tunics and trousers, cut to accommodate prevailing weather.
Physical Description: Olive skin, light to dark brown hair, brown or blue eyes, 5'11" (male), 5'5" (female), wide brow, prominent nose, solid build.
Languages: Thyatian (Automatic), Alphatian, Traladaran, Hinterlander, Ochalean, Ylari, elf (sylvan), dwarf.
Preferred class(es): Aristocrat, Fighter, Rogue