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Sorcerers in the Known World

by Håvard


It is believed that all the original Alphatians were sorcerers. And being born a sorcerer is seen as a sign that you are a pure Alphatian. Sorcerers are along with Wizards, Clerics and Druids seen as the upper echelon of the noble class of the Empire, although other spell casters are also considered part of the gentry.


Surprisingly, there are very few known sorcerers in the Kingdom of Magic. Sorcerers are hunted down in Glantri for research purposes, similarly to dwarves and halflings. The Wizards of Glantri seek to find the truth behind the origin of sorcerers and find ways to use this to their advantage. This has caused most sorcerers to stay away from the Principalities.


In Darokin, Sorcerers are viewed with distrust. It is believed that the magic which flows naturally through a sorcerers veins is a result of Demon blood. Sorcerers are rare in Darokin, but if detected they are often burned at the stakes.


Sorcerers are more common in Karameikos than would be expected. This country has few mages, but among the Traldar, this talent is quite common. Few have developed it beyond the basics however so higher level sorcerers are still rare. After the construction of the School of Magecraft, Terari brought several powerful sorcerers with him from Alphatia.

Northern Reaches

In the north, magic is distrusted. But as with Wizards, should the Sorcerer prove himself or herself worthy of respect and show that he will not use magic for deception, the Sorcerer may be respected. The so-called Wise Women of the Northern Reaches are believed to be Sorcerers.


The Hakomons of Ethengar are all Sorcerers. They are a feared, yet respected, though generally not considerer part of society. Many perform magical services in return for food and shelter from the tribes.

Alfheim, Wendar and the Shadow Elf Realms

Magic is natural to the elves. When a Sorcerer is born, it is met with delight and joy, as it is understood that the child will have a natural affinity for the magic that makes up a part of any elf's life. Sorcerers are common among the elves so it is not seen as so extraordinary as in many other countries.


Sorcerers are welcome in Thyatis and are treated no differently from wizards.

Rockhome and the Five Shires

Sorcerers are rare among the Dwarves and Halflings. For the Dwarves it is a source of great shame, and dwarves embracing any form of magic become outcast. Halflings usually welcome a sorcerer, especially if he can produce the much appreciated fireworks most halflings love.


Sorcerers are rare in Athruaghin, but when one of the Clansmen discovers he has sorcerous abilities, it is seen as a gift from the Spirits.