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Alexandrius Terterion

by Thomas Forsyth

Okay! At long last, I have the story and a few statistics for Alexandrius Terterion, kobold and reform candidate for the Thyatian Senate. A few areas are blank because I do not have many products with me and I hope you can fill in the unfinished parts for your own campaigns.

I hope you like it. Alexandrius Terterion
12th. level male kobold pit fighter/witch doctor
Strength 18/00
Dexterity 18
Constitution 17
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 18
Charisma 14
HP: 95
Rear AC:
Unadjusted THAC0:
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 75 pounds
Hair/Eyes: bald/red
Skin: Dark brown scales
Age: 30
Alignment: chaotic good
Weapon Proficiencies:
Non-weapon Proficiencies:
Languages: Tharian, kobold, orc, goblin, Thyatian, Alphatian, elf.
Thief Skills:
Fighter Skills:

Magical Items: Short sword+3:glows on command, gauntlets of ogre-power, bracers of protection (AC4), 3 bags of holding.

Other Possessions: Thyatian general's uniform(formal), plain clothes, long cloak, Estate in the Golden District, spellbook, boots, lots of gold (in first Darokin bank 'Thyatian Branch').

Quote: " One day, humanoids and humans shall live together in harmony."

Description: Alexandrius Terterion, a.k.a. Ghaal, is a very interesting and odd humanoid, even for a kobold. Alexandrius was born in Kol-Slah, Kol on Ambyrmont 25, 984AC. Alexandrius showed great promise as a warrior and he showed promise in spellcasting as well. At his coming of age ceremony, Kol, the High Doge told the populace of a dream in which "The Shining One" told him that young Ghaal would make a great warrior and spellcaster and that he would lead to a golden age for the Broken Lands. Kol heeded the advice and offered to train Alex ,with the help of General Zar, immediately. For the next four years, Alex learned the arts of combat and sorcery and he made his liege very proud. On his fourteenth birthday, Doge Kol offered young Alex the hand of his daughter, Kolina, in marriage. Kolina, Claudia Diocletius, proved to be an excellent spellcaster as well. Little did Kol know that Kolina was a half-elf with the appearance of a kobold. When Alex turned 15, a man appeared in Kol to announce that he was an envoy of The Shining One and that Alexandrius was to leave for Thyatis City immediately.

The people of Kol wished young Alex a fond farewell as he left for Thyatis. Once they arrived, the man revealed himself to be Kurtulmos, an agent for free pit fighters. Kurtulmos offered Gaahl a job that night to fight against Drasta, a popular goblin, who was granted the name "Queen of Axetown", because she was the most popular goblin in the arenas. That night, Kurtulmos gave Alex a pair of gauntlets of ogre power and a magical short sword (+3) named "Kurtulmak". the sword would shine on command and blind opponents if they were sensitive to bright light. That night, Alex defeated Drasta, but he let her live. The crowd all bet that one would die, except for a man named Anaxibus. He won a very nice sum of money and gave a portion to Alex after the game. Alex continued to fight and win. He would often spare the lives of his opponents, unless they were forced to fight, because of some heinous act.

One night, Alexandrius was preparing for a battle for the Millennium Celebration. He was recommended as a gladiator to fight the beasts in the grand battle (see Dawn of the Emperors), but during the night before, he overheard the plot to assassinate Emperor Thincol. As the events were starting, Alex warned Captain Acrision and saved Thincol's life. This event endeared Alex to the people and he left the old pits to fight in the arenas with the humans.

During this time, Alex lived alone in an underground slum in Axetown, which was not bad, because it reminded him of home. This all changed during Sviftmont of 1000, when Princess Kolina was captured and sold into slavery. When Alex discovered this, he bought and immediately released her.

The next night, Alex married Kolina in a crude church designed for the pit fighters to worship in. Over the next six years, Alex and Kolina lived a happy existence in their home, until Thyatis went to war. Alex enlisted in the army, but he was almost turned when Anaxibus spoke on his behalf and recommended that Alex be a captain. Alexandrius was stationed in the First Cohort and his wife lived with him in the barracks. During this time, Kolina had a baby and she named him Anaxibus. The original Anaxibus was so honoured that he offered to let the Terterions live with him as guests. In the year 1008, for saving Prince Coltius' life, Alexandrius was promoted to general, being the first humanoid to ever become a general in Thyatian history. Prince Eusebius granted Alexandrius, Kolina, and Anaxibus Terterion full Thyatian citizenship. Alexandrius and his family now spent their off-time with the imperial family telling Coltius and Gabronius stories of kobold life and his days as a pit fighter.

All the happiness would come to an end when Kolina and Anaxibus were kidnapped without a trace, except for an "A" in the appearance of flames on a note. Alexandrius retired to his old home in Axetown for several days to mourn the loss of his wife and son. Many of the pit fighters spent their off time trying to cheer up Alex, but nothing worked until Drasta visited Alex at nights to cheer him up. After a while, the two started a relationship and Alex was back to normal. Alexandrius bought a home on the Gold District and the two lived there happily for the next few years. In 1012, Alex learned of an onslaught of Hecuvas in the city of Piceno and he decided to return to work. Alex left Thyatis with Drasta and the two organised a band of adventurers that ended the Hecuva problem, making himself a local hero of Picena. Now, in the year 1015, the current Senator is up for re-election. This man, Giacomo Torricelli, is a very corrupt man and a member of a machine operated by Theodosius Kantinomeiros, now a Senator in Kerendas. Alexandrius challenged Giacomo to a race and he (Alexandrius) has a good chance of being elected. Alex has been endorsed by Anaxibus, Eusebius, and every honest man in the Senate (which is a handful of people).