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Kogolor (Dwarven Kingdom of)

Location: Eastern range of the World Spine Mountains the continent of Iciria, between the Brute-Men Lands and the Krugel Hordes. HW

Area: 133,021 sq. mi. (344,525 sq. km.).

Population: 510,000 dwarves, including Kolmstat (pop. 28,800).

Languages: Kogolor.

Coinage: Bifric (50 gp), gilder (gp), platen (sp), kupfen (cp)

Taxes: Tithe of 10% of income to royal treasury, 10% tariff on all goods except food, plus additional exactions as needed in crisis and war.

Government Type: Monarchy influenced by clan leaders.

Industries: Timber, woodworking, brewing, furs, leatherwork, mining.

Important Figures: Bifric III (King).

Flora and Fauna: Mountain and hill vegetation, including aspen trees, evergreens, various underbrush. Animals that survive in these elevations include deer, elk, moose, goats, apes (white-furred carnivorous dwarf-eating apes), black and brown bears, beholders, mountain lions, dinosaurs, giant ferrets, giant weasels, giant hamsters, gnomes, griffons, pterosaurs, purple worms, rats, giant spiders, wolves. Humanoid races include giants (of the hill, stone, mountain, and frost varieties), trolls, orcs, ogres, lycanthropes, minotaurs, and yeti. Troglodytes are known to live underground.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.