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House of Kol

by Aleksei Andrievski

New Kolland
Main resources: 2 mineral (craterdust, bluestone, possibly normal minerals)
Total population: 29560 (figure from GKoM). I assume that 20% (5910) lives in permanent settlements and is thus considered rural. Others are borderland.

Tax Income: 1774 dc
Resource Income: 10641 dc
Standard Income: 14188 dc
Note: I doubt Kol gets all possible income every month, so reduce these figures as desired. In particular, standard income is probably almost nothing (humanoids don't perform many useful services).

Council Tax (assuming full income collection): 5321 dc Net Cash: 7094 dc
Overhead (60%): 4256 dc
Available Cash: 2838 dc

XP/month: 12415 (Kol should be rising in levels pretty quickly if you give him that much XP).