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Konrad von Drachenfels

by Harri Mäki

Glantrian Ambassador to Vestland, Cousin of Prinz Jaggar von Drachenfels
"Bring me another tankard of mead and then we can sing that Jon Jonsson again!"
(Konrad in "Hammer and Shield" Inn, Norrvik)

"By the way, I just found out that we have your cousin as our ambassador to Vestland. What on earth is he doing there?"
(Chancellor Urmahid to Prinz Jaggar after Council meeting)

I. Appearance

Konrad von Drachenfels is big-some would say even fat-man, with thick somewhat grey beard and long brown hair. He is 65 but looks at least 10 years older for a man who had drunk too many tankards in his life. He is a very likeable person, who has a kind word for everyone. He usually dresses like a typical native person in Vestland, mostly in thick furs. People who don't know him usually can't think him as a wizard, and still less as a Glantrian wizard.

II. History

Konrad is the cousin of Prince Jaggar of Aalban. If fact, they were born in same year. His father, Siegfried, was Prince Morgaithe's younger brother. Siegfried was fighter who fell in battle when Konrad was only 4 years old, so Konrad grew up with Jaggar. They went to Great School at the same time. Konrad had talent for magic, but somehow it never interested him enough, but he graduated anyhow, with a little help from Jaggar.

Konrad was not very ambitious and didn't really know what to do after graduating. He tried a little adventuring but it was too uncomfortable for him. He returned to Ritterburg and stayed there as an assistant to Jaggar. He spent his spare time reading old family documents gathering knowledge of the past. Then in AC 992, Jaggar got an idea: Konrad should go to Vestland as an ambassador of Glantri, if Jaggar can persuade the other Princes of the necessity of an ambassador there. Konrad accepted without even thinking through the whole matter.

Konrad had already forgotten the matter, when two weeks later, Jaggar told that the matter was settled. Jaggar had used the Uppsala Collegium and rune magic as an excuse for sending an ambassador to Vestland, and caught the interest of the other Princes. Prinz Jaggar himself was more concerned with situation with Ethengar. Anyhow, the first thing Konrad did was to go to check from map where he was going.

At first Konrad felt much the stranger in Norrvik when he arrived there in AC 992, but very soon he felt at home in somewhat more relaxed atmosphere. There are not so many laws and regulations as in Glantri. You don't have to pay licenses for everything you, and most of all there are less magic-users to deal with. Konrad soon realised that job as ambassador was even easier than he had imagined. Rune magic was mostly something to do with religion and clerics, and the relations with Ethengar were bad enough without him doing anything.

After couple of years peoples of Norrvik also got used to burly man, who said that he was an ambassador from Glantri, but who didn't act like magic-user at all. He entered taverns and drank beer with the locals. After four years he spoke their language like a native and could sing all their most notorious drinking songs. He also is a good storyteller and use his knowledge of histories of his family and country for his benefit.

Te favourite story amongst his younger audience is his rendition of Battle of Braastar in AC 788. The highlight of the story is the epic magical duel between Willem van Drees, King of the Flaems, and Miguel de Belcadiz, King of the Elves. The whole battle is momentarily stopped when all are watching in awe this duel, which ends it the death of the elven king. After this comes most anticipated point of the northmen: the fury of elven king's son Alfonso, when he slays all of the personal guards of King Willem, and then the exhausted king. The other highlight is the ending of the story: the death of the leader of the winning side, Konrad's forefather Joachim von Drachenfels, just a moment after accepting the surrender of the Flaems. At this point Konrad is always in tears ("Old warrior's heart couldn't stand the excitement of the moment."). One consequence of this story is a number of rapier-wielding young northmen. His tales of dragon hunting have also become popular to two generations of young Vestlanders. In some other culture Konrad would have made a fine bard.

At first, this was of course only way to get to know the locals. But Konrad soon learned to like the ways of the northmen. He hadn't told everything in his reports to the Council, of course. In fact he has managed to keep up facade of usefulness for his country amazingly well. He has even taken up a yearly trip to Zeaburg and Soderfjord just to report about magical situations in Ostland and Soderfjord (which is next to none). He had to give this up during the Wrath of the Immortals War, but is planning to resume these trips soon. Jaggar has, of course, realised years ago that Konrad's usefulness to Glantri is minimal, but he has a soft spot for his cousin and let him enjoy his life.

And Konrad is enjoying his life. He has been ambassador in Norrvik already 18 years and likes it thoroughly. Konrad was never at ease with Glantrian politics, and now he abhors the possibility that the Council of Princes might call him back. He wants to stay in Norrvik for rest of his life. However, if he resigns, he looses his income, so he is doing all he can to avoid the situation.

III. Family & Friends

Konrad had never married but he has two illegitimate children, son and daughter, in Norrvik. Tosti and Ylva had both inherited appearance more from the mothers side -they look like typical northmen. Tosti is a hulking teen of 15 while Ylva is three years younger. Konrad is planning to send Ylva to Jaggar because she had shown some talent for magic.

IV. Statistics & Style of Magic

10th-level magic-user.

Str 14 Int 16 Wis 11 Dex 10 Con 17 Cha 14, AL L (D&D), NG (AD&D).

Languages: Thyatian (Glantrian and Thyatian dialects), Heldannic.

Skills: knowledge (Drachenfels family history), knowledge (Glantrian history), military tactics, storytelling, singing, gain trust, knowledge (Vestland), drinking.

Konrad's style of magic is very down to earth: nothing flashy, just basic things without anything peculiar. That's one thing why the northmen like him. He doesn't make a big number of himself. For Konrad, magic is something that makes life easier. It's understandable why he has only progressed so far after graduating from the Great School nearly 40 years ago.

Of course, being a Drachenfels, Konrad knows more than ample number of combat spells, and he doesn't hesitate to use them if needs be. That's something that more than one drunken northman warrior has realised during the years.