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by Trevor Mellis

Type and Size:

Large Monstrous Humanoid



Hit Dice:

8d8+16 (56 hp)




10' (Swim 50')


16 (+6 natural, +1 Dex, -1 size)


1 tail +9 melee, 1 bite +3 melee


1d6+4 tail, 1d6+2 bite


5' x 5' / 10'

Special Attacks:


Special Qualities:

Darkvision, tremorsense


Fort +4, Ref. +7, Will. +8


Str. 18, Dex. 13, Con. 13, Int. 16, Wis. 15, Cha. 13


Hide +6, Swim +9, Spot +5, Listen +5, Concentration +6, Balance +5


Improved Initiative, Multiple Attack, Weapon Finesse (tail)


Hot springs, very warm tropics


Group (1-3)

Challenge Rating:



Standard + 2-4 potions or alchemic items


Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil






The kopru are a race of heat-loving amphibians of great intelligence and power.  Each has a smooth head, large eyes, and a tentacled, sphinctered mouth.  Kopru have humanlike torsos and two arms ending in webbed, clawed hands.  From the waist down, their bodies consist of three fluke-like tails, each ending in a sharp ripping claw.  Kopru have a +2 bonus on their saving throws against magical attacks.


While they do not truly hate all men, kopru view humans as nothing but brutes to be used, played with, and controlled.  Their expansion has been severely limited by their need for very hot, wet environments, such as hot springs and tropical swamps.  Their civilisation has been in decline for many years.


In combat, a kopru bites while coiling all three of its tails around a single victim in a powerful crushing attack.  The kopru's most deadly weapon, however, is its special charming power. 




Charm (Ex): Instead of attacking normally in a round, the kopru may use this power on any one opponent within 30 feet.  If the victim fails to make a Will save (DC 18), the character becomes totally obedient to the mental commands of the kopru.  If the saving throw is successful, no similar attack from the same group of kopru is effective.


The special charm of the kopru is different from the spell charm person, in that the person acts normally (including the use of spells and magic items), but is totally committed to the interest of the kopru.  The kopru know the thoughts and memories of any characters they charm.  A character may only be controlled by one kopru at a time, but there is no limit to the distance at which a character may be controlled.  The charm can be broken by a dispel magic spell or by the death of the controlling kopru.  In addition, the controlled character gets a new Will save at the beginning of each game month.  If successful, the character breaks free of the charm.


Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, the kopru must hit an opponent up to Medium size with a tentacle attack.  If it connects, it can constrict for 1d3+3 points of damage per round.