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More character backgrounds

by barons_man

Goanos Kostov (Fighter), Milos Kostov (Thief)

Twins born in Luln to an escaped slave Iryna, who hails from the north west of Traladar.
She speaks not of the father except that he was from the Black Eagle Barony. She makes a living as a cleaner in the Traladaran temples.

Life has been hard for the family with Milos disposing of the night soil since he was 10, and Goanos toiling in the smiths for a pittance, scraping enough money to get by.
Both have suffered from being half Thyatian, with the 'pure' bred children taunting them, for their looks and lack of father.
Goanos reacted by fighting all comers, Milos's revenge usually happened from the shadowy depths of the night.
They both have a desire to find who their father is and extract retribution for their mothers sake.
Recently good fortune favoured the family, when Milos "found" in some night soil a piece of jewellery valuable enough when dismantled to provide money for the poor equipment that only Luln could supply.

The Barony is a tough nut to crack, so adventure first, then destroy the slavers, before vengeance can be theirs.

Note: These were from some time ago and the campaign has ended. They managed to get to Threshold, some of the B1-9, various X modules, the A1-A4 slavers modules (cursed by Bargle to wear the mark of their father on their faces - Black Eagle). But did not find out about, female slaves or orcs, a wand of polymorph, and subsequent children, and the mad wizard who wanted the Barony to be contested forever when the current Baron was killed.