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Return to the Keep on the Borderlands: Karameikos

by Håvard

As discussed in this thread, I have always wanted to adapt Return to the Keep on the Borderlands to Karameikos. There are already so many Mystara references inserted into the Module, one could easily suspect John Rateliff to have intended it placed there from the beginning.

Another thing I picked up on was that the events of the "Return" module is set two decades after the Caves of Chaos are first explored by adventurers. So I decided to make a timeline, in which I placed the original module in AC1000 and the sequel in AC1019. The Keep in question is Castellan's Keep, in Karameikos. I also want to integrate information from the Hackmaster version and the 4E Keep in one way or another. There are also some interesting possible connections between the module and Dark Knight of Karameikos, set in AC1018.

Keep on the Borderlands Timeline

Karameikos is declared an independent Duchy under King Stefan Karameikos Gaz1
Stefan Karameikos grants land on his borders to Magnus Maximus (Macsen Wledig) who builds the Keep on the Borderlands RtKotB
Maximus’ henchman Devreau is crippled in a fight with a Troll. While his leg injury never fully healed, Devreau went on to become a superb Archer. Devreau is later made Castellan of the Keep. RtKotB
Adventurers fight off defeat the humanoid tribes threatening the Keep (Events of B2) B2
Jadale, daughter of Maximus’ Squire, Lady Arla, born RtKotB
Tella, daughter of Rafe the Smith is born RtKotB
Wrath of The Immortals. Maximus goes off to fight in the war and never returns. His Castellan, Devreau, is left in charge of the Keep. RtKotB
Sabine, a young fighter is made Door Warden of the Keep RtKotB
Dubricus, a wizard of the d’Ambreville family leaves Glantri, only to arrive at the Keep on the Borderlands a few years later, looking for adventurers to team up with. RtKotB
An explorer from the Lost City of Cynidicea with the unusual name “Third”, leaves her underground home and eventually ends up at the Keep.
A Paladin of Vanya falls from grace and becomes the Black Knight. He joins Kira the Hunter in search of the Caves of Chaos. RtKotB
Events of Dark Knight of Karameikos.
For some years now, High Priestess Shamat has been working to reinvigorate the Caves of Chaos. Rumors of this activity now reach the civilized world. Events of Return to the Keep on the Borderlands RtKotB
Events of “Red Hand of Doom” SB Wilson
Karameikan Religions Civil War SB Wilson
One hundred years into the future, the Keep once again becomes cetral in the fight against chaos. The events of the 4E Keep on the Borderlands Campaign WotC


Gods => Immortals
St. Cuthbert =>Tarastia
St. Erkenwald =>Halav
The Moon God => Asterius (This one is the poorest fit given the nature of the Moon God in the description of the NPC named Opal).
Sect of Qounzar =>Cult of Halav
Apep =>Atzanteotl
Hispis => Ka the Preserver
Nergal => Orcus
Erishkigal => Demogorgon

I have wanted all along to tie this to GP's work on the Dark Triad and the Humanoid Tribes as well as SB Wilson's adaptations of the Red Hand of Doom and the following Karameikos Religious Civil War.

SB Wilson Timeline
SB Karameikos
GP: Religions