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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Krassakk was born 33 years ago near Fortress Island, doomed to an early life of pain and suffering. His tribe's ancestral island was claimed by dryskin settlers when he was 7. When the leader of his shark-kin pack was killed, in a bloody battle with some of the aquatic elves, the tribe tried to reclaim the land. Krassakk, then 14, was not permitted to be involved in the combat - which consequently claimed the lives of all the elders of his people. Now, legs grown, he became an outcast, wandering the seas, gaining in strength...plotting for the day when he would topple the human intruders and restart his tribe on a new path to glory.
Personality: Krassakk is a very vengeful soul, his heart focused on the task of gaining back what belonged to his people for centuries. Any who wish to aid him in this task wins his grudging respect and friendship, while any who oppose him are seen as enemies. He prefers to keep a distance from other shark-kin, seeing himself as flawed due to his having legs. He can be terribly impatient with those who do not go along with his ideas, but he is willing to bide his time, attaining greater skill and ability before he strikes.
Appearance: Krassakk is a giant of a shark-kin, 6'6" and in very good shape. He doesn't pay much heed to his appearance, but he still is ruggedly handsome, in the shark-kin view of such matters. He is armed with a net and a (returning) trident, which he usually does not employ in combat. If only he could dispense with those accursed appendages...
Combat Notes: He is 4th level shark-kin. AC 5; hp 25; at 3; D d6/d3/d3 (bite, claws), save F5; ML 11; Al N; S 15, I 8, W 12, D 15, Co 9, Ch 9.
Languages: Shark-Kin, Kna. General Skills: Alertness (D), Rip (S), Intimidate (S), Shark Riding (D), Dodge (D), bloodlust, peripheral vision, shark empathy.