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The Kwythellar Elves - Goblins of Kresh

by Jeff Daly


Descended from a long ago horde that sacked Davanian northern realms, this group was split as a result of Kwythellar interference in "local politics". The original group still seethes with hatred and plans toward the day when they will once again be the terror of the north.

The second group is known as "The MarKresh", which in the goblin tongue means "The Reborn Killers".

They are descended from goblin slaves who were transformed by elven magic. The purpose was to produce a strong, tall, disciplined slave stock that would be superior to both human (Tanagoro) and goblin stock.

What was produced instead was a race with goblin stature and strength, human health and intelligence, and dwarven loyalty.

In an action that went down in Kwythellar history as the single most disastrous folly ever, the MarKresh and a group of dwarves and humans, escaped from the elven laboratories and into the dwarven caves of the Duargor.

The Duargor, being reclusive and "not wanting to get involved", sent them away just as elven ambassadors arrived demanding the return of the fugitives.

The MarKresh and their dwarven and human allies, settled beyond the gateway mountains in a sheltered valley. For decades the Kwythellar conducted raids, attempting to either recapture or destroy their failed experiment.