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Krollnar's family history

by Giovanni Porpora

Willem Krollnar - 765-804 AC

Willem was a Flaemish soldier, tired of fighting, who wished to have a family and live in peace. After Flaems' defeat of Braastar in 788, he married a woman he had met in the army, Johanna Madhorsen. They settled in Kopstar.

Unfortunately Halzuntram's coup meant war again. Willem left immediately, leaving his pregnant wife at home. Johanna remained with their son Namoor until 791, and then she joined the front again, leaving the child with Uncle Jorg, keeper of the Flaemish Library in Kopstar. Both Namoor's parents were killed by the plague.

Namoor Krollnar - 789-850 AC

The boy went on living with his uncle. He quickly learnt how to read. Being the mascot of the library, he was tended and cared by all the librarians: amidst the books he was the king. And he read many of those books, and they attracted him, especially those describing exotic places in the Geographical Section: the boy dreamt that one day he'd have adventured there. One place in particular caught Namoor's imagination, the Arch of Fire in Norwold. The Arch of Fire was already known to Flaems, some Flaemish sages even studied the place (obviously, not in loco). According to those studies the Arch of Fire was supposed to be an endless source of magic, probably related to the Plane of Fire by a Vortex and a Gate.

But war went on, this meaning Namoor would have eventually joined the army. Wishing to avoid this, on the eve of his 16th birthday he planned to escape Kopstar directed north. His Uncle Jorg discovered the boy, confronted him and eventually succeeded in making him change his mind.

In 805 Namoor joined the army. Things were very hard at the start: the young man couldn't bear the strict discipline of Flaemish Army since he had always been used to do everything he wished to. Despite of this Namoor's skills as scout, his foolhardy and his curiosity, made him capable of undertaking the most dangerous missions. Other soldiers soon started respecting him and graduates held him in high consideration.

When war was over Namoor left the Army and tried to have some Flaemish nobles finance an expedition to the Arch of Fire in Norwold, but to no avail: after many years of war there was a lot of rebuilding to do. Determined to earn the money by himself, Namoor travelled to Darokin adventuring for some years, then he received the new of his uncle's death and came back to Kopstar to mourn the beloved relative. It was 838 AC, and ten years of adventuring had increased Namoor's reputation even more. Moreover the rebuilding had been quite completed. Now it was possible for Namoor to collect funds for his expedition. Amongst the patrons there was even a noble, Leopold Rjevens, Count of Kopstar.

After one year and a half of preparative, a group composed by Namoor's adventuring group, some Flaemish scholars and an escort of Flaemish soldiers (amongst these there were Rjevens' members of the Order of the Flaem), departed the Highlands directed to the Arch of Fire, in Norwold. Once there they studied the two Volcanoes, using magic to hide from and mix with the fiery societies who lived there. Two observatories were built far enough each volcano, serving as abase camp. Meanwhile Namoor's mate, a Darokinian fighter named Milena Dawn, gave birth to three children: Frederick, Fredericka and Ruudgart.

Eventually Fire Elementals discovered Namoor and the great part of the Flaems succumbed during the following mass attack. Milena decided the mission was over, she collected the notes and the studies done during the mission and returned to Glantri with the survivals and her three children. Milena presented the results of the mission to Count Rjevens and other important Flaemish nobles, and gifted them to the Library of Kopstar. Only the nobles' will to keep secret their mission prevented them to be hailed as heroes by the Flaemish population.

Great expectations were laid above her three children; Krollnar deeds had even gained the attention of Jacob Vlaardoen, Viscount of Linden and Flaem Council member.

Frederick Krollnar 845-?

Fredericka Krollnar 847-900

Ruudgart Krollnar 848-892

The oldest son, Frederick, was an adventurer and in 872 travelled to Ierendi, determined to become the King of the Islands. Once there he learned of the Fire Mages of Honor Island and eventually joined them. Nobody ever heard of him again. Some Princes of Bergdhoven sent few expeditions during the 10th century, with the aim of collecting more information about Honor Island, but none of them was successful.

Fredericka entered the diplomatic career, working at the service of foreign ambassadors in Glantri City, as a spy. She met a Darokinian diplomat, and they married and settled in Glantri City. She eventually became the personal assistant of the Chancellor of the Princes, Willem IV Vlaardoen, in 889. When Willem stood for other charges in 896 AC, she left his service and definitely retired in Corunglain with her husband.

Ruudgart remained in Rjevens' service, first as Leopold's pupil, then as studious of ancient Flaemish magic and lore. Ruudgart died triggering an ancient magical trap on a Flaemish spellbook. He had married Susana Jonsen, and they had two sons: Jan and Horst.

Jan Krollnar 871-899

Horst Krollnar 874-953

Jan and Horst were both sent to the recently completed Great School of Magic, in 878.

Jan was a poor mage and of sickly constitution. He married Margretha Vandeeker and they had a son, Johann. He eventually succeeded in graduating at the GsoM, few years before dying of fever at the age of 28. Horst had great magical prowess, a young prodigy at the GSoM, and he soon gained the attention of Prince Willem IV Vlaardoen. He started working for the Prince very young, soon after graduating. He was part of a project, named Heart of Flaem, meant to study everything connected with the Elemental Plane of Fire with the aim of rendering easier travels and further studies concerning the Plane.

Since Horst was of the adventuring kind, as his grandfather Namoor, he loved to adventure in the Plane himself. His only flaw was that he couldn't stand anyone with him during a mission, so he adventured alone. However his great abilities made him gain the position of Main Responsible of the Project, and under his enlightened guidance it improved a lot. A lot of old spells were adapted to survival and protection in the Plane, the Plane of Fire was extensively studied and mapped thanks to several missions there and some magical items were created. Amongst these there was the legendary Horst's Chariot. It is told its creation took 20 years and Horst's whole life has subsequently been devolved to its improvement. The Chariot had been Horst's loyal companion during every other mission he personally undertook; it is said he travelled the Plane of Fire no less than 50 times. The extensive studies of Horst and the Project are spread across three libraries in Bergdhoven: the private library of the Princes of Bergdhoven in Linden, Krollnars Library and Museum of Planar Lore in Bergen and the Flaemish Library in Kopstar.

In 953, in the process of exploring the borders of the Plane of Fire, Horst departed for his last mission to the Plane of Fire: his Chariot and him didn't return.

Johann Krollnar 897-954

Jan's son lived in perpetual admiration of his Uncle Horst. He had little magical talent and spent his life at the Flaemish library in Kopstar, where he contributed in reorganising the Map Section. Fortunately he remained more faithful to his relatives' indications than his wife did. Johann died in 954 for a heart attack.

He had married a Flaemish lady, Jol Deegaer, and they had two sons, Hena and Haak.

Jol was nonetheless a great writer. She spent her life writing books and novels about Flaems heroes and legends. Her style was directed more to strike the reader's interest than in giving a loyal representation of the historical truth. This was good for Flaemish nobles and aristocrats, since it contributed to enhance the reputation of Flaemish people without revealing their inner secrets. The rare copies of her most famous books, "The Arch towards our Past", "Heart of Fire", "Horst's travels", are part of the library of every true-Flaemish noble.

Hena Krollnar - 934-949

Haak Krollnar - 937-990

When in 949 Hena died very young falling from a horse, Haak was already a good student at the Great School. There he had met Vanserie Vlaardoen, heir to the Principality of Bergdhoven, and they became great friends, sharing a genuine passion for planar travels.

In 966, under Vanserie's insistences, he married Nejla de Wajden, a Flaemish beauty and an adventurer herself, ten years younger than him. Their only daughter Rowena was born two years after their marriage. But Haak wasn't born to be a good father; his interests laid in travelling and adventuring only, to him having a daughter meant too many responsibilities. He started neglecting his family, by organising and enterprising missions after missions with his friend Vanserie: during one of such missions they recovered the treasure of one of the Seven Flaemish Dukes, van Agt.

When his wife died in 981 he felt guilty but instead of taking care of Rowena he left her with his wife's relatives in Vystaar, in the Viscounty of Bergen. Immediately after Nejla's death, Vanserie convinced him to compete for the Barony of Adlerturm, but Haak was defied by JBM. For three years he had a secret relationships with Sinaria Verlien, Countess of High Sonden.

Then Jan Aposan, Viscount of Redstone died, to Prince Vanserie this meant he had lost another trusted ally as well as voting power. Even this time Haak couldn't reject the plea of the Prince and stood for the open Barony of Adlerturm, winning the Awards Festival thanks to Vlaardoen's political influence.

When Rowena, now a student at the Great School, refused to follow him in Adlerturm, he finally realised how bad as a father he had been. He spent the last years trying to win back his daughter's love.

Haak was killed by a planar fiend while trying to recover the legendary Chariot of Horst Krollnar in 990.