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Krugel Horde (Lands of the)

Location: Northeastern Iciria, west of the Ostzee, east of the Neathar lands, north of the World Spine Mountains, south of the Antalian Mountains. HW

Area: 428,163 sq. mi. (1,108,940 sq. km.).

Population: 309,000 orcs scattered in numerous villages of 2,000 or less along the Great Mud and Yenidar Rivers, including Ubul (pop. 6,200).

Languages: Orcish (Krugel dialect).

Coinage: None; uses coins minted in other lands and barter.

Taxes: Military economy; exactions based on need.

Government Type: Khanate organized along military lines.

Industries: Light agriculture, horse breeding, raiding, mercenary warfare.

Important Figures: Geredek (General).

Flora and Fauna: Arid climate; cacti, ponies, bison, sheep, giant ants, basilisks, chimeras, cockatrices, dinosaurs, horses, giant lizards, manscorpions, manticores, giant scorpions, jackals, snakes.

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.