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Kthurbash, the Dragon-Demon

by Giulio Caroletti

Kthurbash is called the Dragon-Demon or the Nightwing, depending on the branch of his faith that worships him. Those that worship him as the Dragon-Demon consider him a pawn of Thanatos - not a god, a demigod, an immortal, but just an extremely powerful servitor of the Grim Reaper. Moreover, Kthurbash is considered very touchy, and this could explain the tales of whole hordes of followers killed by the Dragon-Demon after a partially failed summoning. The last notable summoning took place in New Averoigne in 1011 AC: the Dragon-Demon appeared in the shape of a Night Dragon, killed about thirty followers and disappeared after fifteen minutes.

A small number of followers from this sect has created another branch, considered heretical, that call Kthurbash the Nightwing. They say that these murders are the proof that the Nightwing is a servitor of the Dragon Rulers, although they haven't agreed yet on which of them, nor on the exact role of Kthurbash inside the dragon hierarchy. They have never tried to summon Kthurbash, and this has helped them to gain a better reputation in civil lands (and to avoid dangerous a confrontation). This branch of the faith have a very small temple in Athenos.