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Kubitt Valley

Location: Continent of Iciria, Hollow World.

Area: 500 sq. mi. (1,295 sq. km.).

Population: 5,000.

Languages: Alphatian (ancient dialect), Neathar, nixie, and dryad.

Coinage: None (various acquired currencies and gems for hiring outside agents).

Taxes: None (collective society).

Government Type: Matriarchal monarchy.

Industries: Agriculture, foraging, military.

Important Figures: Zalmontis (Queen and General, kubitt, female, F13), Eraw (King, kubitt, male, F10), Zoranthis (Captain, kubitt, female, F6).

Flora and Fauna: Within the confines of the valley one will find an abundance of plant and wildlife typical of its terrain: foothills and tropical jungles. Animal life is compatible to the kubitts' lifestyle. For their size creatures such as birds and foxes are tamed and domesticated as beasts of burden. Predators do include various dinosaur types. The most notable predator is the thumper-lizard.

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Dellebram.

The Kubitts' valley is a remote region, isolated from its neighbours. Knowledge of their existence has been a carefully guarded secret. Most neighbours aware of a people living in that area are under the perception of them being a giant race. However, as with every closely kept secret discovery was inevitable.

The Land

The domain of the kubitts is a lush tropical valley, surrounded by foothills. At the centre of the valley is the sole settlement of the kubitts. Similar to a woodland elven settlement, the kubitts have built their buildings up in the branches of the ancient trees. Each tree may hold the homes of a score or more individuals. Each building and tree is connected with its fellows by a series of catwalks. The largest building within the tree village is the three-storeyed central hall. From this vantage point, the kubitts can live with a certain degree of safety, its elevation keeping them out of reaches of even the most determined dinosaurs.

The People

The kubitts are a magically created race of diminutive persons, standing just under two feet in height. Despite their impish and nixie origins, they look like miniature "pure Alphatians." The kubitts are a warrior society, fully utilising their surprising strength and leaping abilities. Despite their size, the kubitts have mostly mastered their environment and held it from interlopers. Their personal skills and mastery of traps and deception have led to the demise of many trespassers. The kubitts are matriarchal, following the edicts set by their warrior queen. This type of society was long ago established by the kubitts' Immortal patron, Vanya. Queen Zalmontis rules her people from the relatively massive central hall.

Recent History

Created by the Alphatian mage Korubazunth as his personal race of assassin and servants, the kubitts rebelled against their master and killed him. Under Alphatian law such an action would mean their death sentence. Fearful of this, the kubitts fled and with Vanya's assistance were transported to the Hollow World. There they used their Alphatian given talents to carve their niche in that world. Since the arrival of the Alphatians in the Hollow World, the kubitts have lived in a mixed state of fear and curiosity. Retribution for their past "crimes" and fascination with the culture that spawned them gave them reason to investigate their arrival.

In AY 2015 [AC 1015. Ed.] kubitt infiltrators were discovered and captured in the city of Haldemar, Alphatian Neatharum. Among them was Zoranthis, niece of the kubitts' ruler. Taken to the floating continent, Zoranthis and her compatriots were not executed-in fact, they were treated with a near celebrity status and Zoranthis became a favourite of the empress. She has since spent the following months seeing as much of the land and people that created her people as she could.

Don't Miss/Do Miss

The kubitt enclave is in itself quite unremarkable. Its natural environs are not too dissimilar from other tropical regions on Hollow World. The main attraction is the kubitts themselves. However given their secretive nature, observing them is one thing while surviving to tell the tale is another.