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by Andrew Theisen

Monster Type: Construct, Enchanted (Uncommon)
A kubitt is a living construct created and animated by a high level magic-user or cleric. They are made from a combination of artificial materials and the flesh and blood of fey creatures such as wood imps and sprites. Kubitts appear to be small, doll-like replicas of humans; they stand no more than a foot and a half in height, move with a slight stiffness, and their skin has a porcelain-like sheen.
As lesser constructs, Kubitts are immune to poison, gases, charm, sleep, and other mind-affecting and illusion spells. They can, however, be harmed by normal weapons. Kubitts have the ability to remain completely motionless and appear to be nothing more than harmless toys. This ability functions much like the Halfling ability to hide, giving the kubitt a 90% chance to remain unremarked upon in building interiors or populated areas (such as towns); in the wilderness, their chance to remain ignored drops to 33% (dolls are less common sights in the wilderness than in civilisation.)
Due to their nature as living constructs, they can take classes just like humans do. The most commonly found classes among the kubitts are fighters and magic-users.
Terrain: Any (usually Settled).

(As you can see, I made some changes from the Character Entry that I'll be porting over to the PC Class writeup I do. Basically, added some construct traits and got rid of the Move Silently/Hide In Shadows features for a variation of the Halfling Hide ability that I thought was more fitting to a doll.)

  Warrior Wizard
Armour Class: 5 7
Hit Dice: 1* (S) 1** (S)
Move: 120 (40) 120 (40)
Attacks: 1 weapon 1 weapon or spell
Damage: By weapon By weapon or spell
No. Appearing: 0 (1d4 x 10) 0 (1d4 x 10)  
Save As: F1 M-U1
Morale: 10 9
Treasure Type: (Q + S) H
Intelligence: 10 12
Alignment: Neutral Neutral
XP Value: 13 16