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The Kukarachans

by Jeff Daly

Unbeknownst to many, the Alphatian nobles actually held at bay dangers that most Mystarans were unaware of. To answer the age-old question "why didn't those Alphatians expand to the east?", one need look no further than the current troubles on the Jennite borders.

Crawling from under refuse, hiding and breeding in dark corners, and adapting to most any danger, these creatures are enough to put fear into the hearts of all Sundsvall tenants.

One finds, in travelling Skothar, that there are patches of poisoned ground upon which nothing grows. In some of these places, the area actually gives off heat and is unhealthy to people. The unhealth that develops from being too long in these areas is resistant to the most powerful of healing magics. Nothing lives for long in the areas of glowing slime, just remember that, should you ever be in one.

Well, actually, what I just said was not true. There is one creature that crawls forth from the slime. Ugly dull brown carapace, wings that work much better than their natural brethren, and the ability to reason, to think.

The Kukarachans!

But why, you may ask, did the Alphatian nobility keep these creatures a secret during their domination of the world?

The answer is simple. The Kukarachans represent a threat to any worker of magic. Not only are they resistant to effects, but they can gobble up the power of magic that is wielded against them. By absorbing the energy, they mutate into other, hideous versions of themselves...