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I think this is pretty close to what Bruce Heard wrote in the Rakasta article. However, I'd love to know more about Kum-Ra. Where did he come from? Was he a Nithian? Or from another, older culture? What were Shamans of Ka like back then?

Kum-Ra, Shaman of Ka

by Robin

Looking through Real Life sources
Kum Ra = As far as I could translate ancient Egypt to english this means " Speaker of Ra"
And also "To Ra"

It also relates to a Egyptian /babylonian source of calculations
And I found relations with this name/description to a beet cure used in ophthalmia (eye inflamation) egptian cure for a bacterial disease.

A mathematician, probably a astrologist/Cleric, with strong affiliation to its Immortal(Ra =Ixion) and to his power of healing.
He might also be seer(by astrology) and mathematician

All together we get something like this
Race Human possibly Alphatian (due its Babylonian link)
Age Mature well experienced and studied; 40+
Sex Most possibly male, slim chance female (clerics to Ra were mostly male)
Faith; originally Ra (as he was named To Ra later Ka
Possible Location mixed Nithian/Alphatian areas (like Isle of Dawn, South Norwold), later (possibly with his conversion) relocated to Nithia Valley

Strength (Below Average to above Average= 6-15)
Intelligence Mathematician (Above Average to High = 15+)
Wisdom Seer, Cleric(High 15+)
Constitution Healthy (Average =10+)
Dexterity does some dextrous work(Average= 9+)
Charisma Possible below Average to Ugly, yet vocally sane (7 to 11)
Class Cleric Level must atleast be able to Cure Disease and Cure Blindness (level 12+)
Piety; High (mut be if he changed Ra to Ka, else he would not be accepted)
Income above average due astrology and clerical
He may have been a Werehawk...originally loyal to Ra (aka Ixion) chose later to follow Ka when arrived in ancient Nithia
Else he may have been a citizen of the Lost City where all go masked in animals forms(then discard all the Alphatian Links and relocate his origin to Lost City (probably not lost then and having several faiths instead the Usamigara/Gorm/Madarua/Zargon quartet) )

I hope this thought rambling of laying links through combination of sources helps