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The Clan Domain of Kunslo

by Jacob Skytte

The domain of Kunslo is also the entire island of Kunslo in the Kingdom of Ostland. It contains one clear hex, five hexes of hills, one hex of light forest and three hexes of forested hills. The land is very rocky and the vegetation is fairly sparse. The western highlands are rocky cliffs, making landing a ship very difficult. There is lumber to be had in the domain, but it is of poor quality, since the soil does not provide enough nutrients. Outsiders are not welcome in Kunslo, Ostlanders or otherwise. The inhabitants have little to spare and believe that outsiders want to trick them or steal what little they have. Clan Kunslo are not raiders, they have no longships, but are accomplished fishermen and whalers.

Head of Domain: Jarl Hakon Halfdenson rules Kunslo. His great hall is in the village of Sati.

Population: 2000 people occupy Kunslo Island. Of these only about 300 are thralls, 1400 are non-warrior freemen, and 300 are warriors. 800 people carry arms and are able and willing to use them.


By far the largest community in Kunslo, Sati is a fishing village nestled in the forested hills. The inhabitants of Sati are considered some of the most hostile people in Ostland. Almost all of the island's warriors live here, and they are ready to expel any invaders, giving their lives if they must. The great hall of Hakon Halfdenson is a well-protected building that has many natural traps as well as magical wards.

Hakon Halfdenson (Debara Serpent-Tongue)

Chaotic 11th level Magic-User (Str 14, Int 15, Wis 12, Dex 11, Con 13, Cha 15, AC 5, hp 36)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 14/6, Modest/Proud 6/14, Generous/Greedy 5/15, Reverent/Godless 4/16, Honest/Deceitful 5/15

Body is 37 years old, Black hair kept long and braided, Brown eyes

The real Hakon Halfdenson is trapped inside a jar in Narvendul, tower of Ala the Seawitch. His body has been taken over by Debara Serpent-Tongue, Ala's accomplice, using a magic jar spell. Debara is a 42-year-old sorceress, who used to be Ala's apprentice. As part of the Seawitch's plans it was decided that Debara should take over Hakon's body and rule clan Kunslo. Hakon was a strong bully, who ruled the clan through strength of arms and fear. Debara has had few problems impersonating Hakon. She has ruled the clan for two years now. In that time Hakon's body has grown decidedly weaker, Debara does not care to maintain its strength. She has used her magic to make sure that she stays firmly in charge of the clan.

Note: If you have firmly established that Debara died beyond possibility of raising during the events of the adventure X13: Crown of Ancient Glory, replace Debara with another of Ala's apprentices called Ingadora Serpent-Tongue.

Debara is slowly but surely turning more and more bitter. The original deal was for her to take over Hakon's body, so Ala could use clan Kunslo against her brother, king Hord. Only she did not specify when she would move against Hord and Debara has been stuck in this body for far longer than she ever wanted to. However, Ala has Debara's original body as well as the magic jar, so Debara really has little say in the matter, if she ever wants to return to her body. She's not even sure that the magic jar still exists, she wouldn't put it beyond Ala to simply destroy it, otherwise she'd have killed Hakon's body to return to the jar.

In time Debara has become desperate enough that she considers hiring adventurers to attempt to recover the magic jar and her body from Narvendul. She could easily make up a story of how her "lover" (her real body) was kidnapped by the terrible Seawitch, its life force trapped within a jar. Debara is one of the very few people who know how to find Narvendul, but Ala thinks she has her well in hand and is not overly concerned that Debara might betray her.

Hakon owns beautiful armour and weapons, but Debara has them locked away, she wouldn't know how to use them anyway. She keeps her own magic at hand to help her, including a wand of polymorphing, a ring of protection+4, a ring of invisibility, elven boots and a dagger+2; charming.

Hakon had a wife, Saeunn Gudrisdottir, but no children. Debara had her stoned to death on false charges of infidelity shortly after taking Hakon's identity.

Spells usually carried:

1st level: Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Read Languages, Sleep

2nd level: ESP, Levitate, Knock

3rd level: Haste, Hold Person, Water Breathing

4th level: Confusion, Polymorph Other, Wall of Fire

5th level: Cloudkill, Passwall

6th level: Weather Control