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Chatdemon's Known World Adventure Seeds

by Rich

Ok, so I've been posting mostly non-productive criticism of the economics threads lately, and figured I'd try and actually contribute something to the group. These aren't exactly new, they've been posted, by me, on the Grognard's Tavern forum as well as the Canonfire Greyhawk fan site (altered to suit that setting), but they're probably new to a lot of folks here, so:

Romeo, Romeo
An adventure seed for a party of 4-6 characters of levels 1-3, set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.

A pair of young lovers needs escort to Threshold, can the party get them there without causing too much trouble?

The Setup: While resting and purchasing supplies in Kelvin, the party is approached by a young man named Artir Vashden. Artir claims to be a minor cousin of the Baron, and has recently married a common girl in a hushed ceremony and now fears his family is unhappy and will take actions to interfere with his relationship. He asks the party to escort him and his bride to the city of Threshold where they may start a new life in peace. He offers a modest compensation in silver coins, the amount of which is left up to the DM to determine based on the economics of the campaign.

The Possible Outcomes:
Evana Vashden(In all outcomes, Artir and his bride, Evana, are normal humans who do not engage in combat)

Kayara Provos, 4th level neutral thief, 14 HP, leather armour, wields a dagger +1.


Malkai Corvain, 5th Level chaotic Elf, fighter 3, 17 HP, studded leather armour and short sword. Note: Even though Malkai has access to 3rd level spells, if you want the party to survive the encounter, do not give him the Fireball or Lightning Bolt spells when deciding on his spell selection.

If the party succeeds in escorting the couple to Threshold, they are paid the reward agreed upon, and they can also consider Artir, who swears off his noble past and takes on work in a stable in the city, as a good friend and contact in the future.

If Artir is kidnapped, Evana quietly asks to be taken back to her home in Threshold. This task should take no more than a few days for the party to complete, and Evana's family will offer a warm meal and lodging in their home to the party in return for their kindness.

If Evana is killed, Artir will likely show up again later on begging the party to aid him in seeking revenge for his slain bride on his brother Torik, who is responsible. Artir is still a relatively untrained and incapable combatant, and the Kelvin family is powerful, so the party is best advised to try and talk their new friend into a less drastic course of action. Attempts to go to the authorities in Threshold will ultimately be of little benefit, since the Baron of that city is careful not to offend his peers in Kelvin, and doesn't wish to ruin his relations with them.

Odd Company
An adventure seed for a party of 4-6 characters of levels 1-3, set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos

A quirky Hin wants to tag along with the party on their travels, but is she more trouble than she's worth?

The Setup: After attending the yearly Beast's Day festival in Specularum, the party is making preparations to leave the city when a young halfling lady approaches them. Her appearance and garb are somewhat Gypsy-like and she speaks with a slightly husky, seductive voice. She offers the party 50 gold coins to let her accompany them on their journey, and doesn't seem to care where they are headed, saying simply that she's overcome by wanderlust and will part ways with them when they come to the next city. If the party hesitates, she will up her offer to 75 gold, but claims that is all she can spare.

Lizeta Springfoot, Neutral Halfling lvl 2, armed with dagger and sling, carries a halfling sized lute in her pack.

The Possible Outcomes:
(In all outcomes, Lizeta will only engage in combat to save herself)

Giana Brightbuckle, Lawful Halfling level 6, dagger and sling, lute (as part of her disguise), and a Amulet of Smiles - an enchanted trinket in the shape of a smiling woman's face that allows the wearer to Charm Person as the Magic User spell once per day, with effects based on a 5th level caster.

Giana was hired by Aleena (or Anielle, if you're using that option), niece of the Baron of Threshold and an influential member of the Order of the Gryphon in that city, to infiltrate the guildhouse of the Kingdom of the Thieves (the major thieves guild in Karameikos) and retrieve an ancient holy book important to the Church of Karameikos, to which the Order of the Gryphon is loyal. The book is simply a treatise on the dogma of the church, but is considered extremely valuable by the temple in Threshold.

Giana will attempt to earn a spot in the party until they next travel to, or near, Threshold, where she will disappear to deliver the book. If the party lets her travel with them, they will be accosted by random thieves (in numbers and of levels to challenge the party) from the Guild. The Guildmaster wants the book Giana has back, and will stop at nothing to get it.

If anything prevents Giana from completing her quest, the party will also eventually be sought after and questioned by Aleena's agents, who believe the party may have information. These will be clerics of 2nd to 4th level, again in numbers sufficient to challenge the party. If the party was helpful to Giana and is honest and forthright with Aleena's agents, the situation will resolve quietly, but any foul play or dishonesty on their part will come back to haunt them, since Aleena is indeed a very influential and well connected member of Threshold's nobility.

If Giana is successful in her quest (or if , she will attempt to find the party later in Threshold (or wherever the DM finds convenient) and wants to sign on with them for good, assuming she has been treated well. At the DMs discretion, she may be added as a full fledged NPC to the party roster.