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Here is an attempt to detail the classes of Mystara. For now I am thinking in terms of AD&D/3E/Pathfinder, but perhaps classes from other editions may also be added.

Barbarians of the Known World

by Håvard

While the Thyatians take pride in the discipline of their legions and the Karameikans in the excellence of their knights, some cultures have found a different style of fighting to be just as efficient. The clans warriors of Atruaghin, the savage horsemen of Ethengar and the berserkers of the Northern Reaches all fall into this category. The same apply to many of the humanoids of the Brokenlands. Seen as barbaric and primitive by their neighbours, these cultures have warrior traditions going centuries back. Looking beyond the prejudice of the so-called civilized cultures, Barbarians have complex societies based on ritual tests of worthyness and trial by ordeal. Respecting these traditions is often a matter of life and death not just for the individual, but for the entire clan. The Barbarians of the Northern Reaches are of course very different from those of Ethengar or the Atruaghin Plateau. In fact, the people of these nations view each other as savages as well.

Barbarians speak different languages depending on their region. Although runes exist for the language of the Northern Reaches (Antalian), Barbarians are not known for their mastery of writing. Most barbarian cultures do however have primitive symbols and signs used to leave short messages for one another. Barbarians of different cultures dress very differently, but usually their garb is made from leather, skins and furs of animals. Many barbarian cultures adorn themselves with pearls or bones to mark their status or past deeds. In Ethengar and the Brokenlands, some carry tattoos of the same reason.

Barbarians live in those harsh regions beyond the borders of civilization. These are often characterized by hars environments such as the cold winters of the Northern Reaches or the rough winds of the Sea of Grass.

Alternative Rules
No Rage: While some Barbarians rely on Rage to power their combat abilities this is not true for the Barbarians of Ethengar and most barbarians of Atruaghin. Instead such barbarians may take a new feat appropriate for their culture as a replacement. At the DM's discretion.