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Kristina Wilhamine

Viscount of Castelbianco
Fire Elementalist of the 3rd Circle

AC 1014

by Michael Berry

‘sex and planar mechanics… my two favorite subjects… which now will it be tonight?’

I. Appearance
Kristina is a ravaging Flaem beauty. She stands 5’9” with ample curves that turn any man’s head upon entering a room. She has flaming red hair down to her shoulders and milky pale skin with deep green eyes that have caused many a man to lose themselves in.

She dresses in the finest of silk green robes which show off her figure. Unless going into combat she always let her hair flow. If adventuring or expecting battle she puts up her hair under her magical helm she wears in adventuring or personal combat. Kristina only wears the very best of jewelry in social situations, usually only necklaces and earrings.

II. Personality & Quirks
Lady Christina is a proud and vain woman. While a very beautiful women, always in search of physical pleasure, she is also very intelligent, as well as a gifted wizard. She is well aware of her beauty and her effect on men and has no qualms using it to get her way or to get what she wants when it comes to seduction. Flattery will get a man nowhere with her, but the lack of flattery can injure her pride (especially if not coming from a man she finds attractive) and even upset and anger her.

However her pride keeps her from trying to use her physical charms in the Glantrian political arena. Her pride is really rooted, not in her beauty but in her many accomplishments. She was considered one of top students in the Great School. Her exploits as an adventurer, her years as a combat mage during the Great War made her famous throughout Glantri. As a noblewoman her success has continued and she has already started moving up the political ladder. She is highly driven to climb further still, the Glantrian political ladder as well as becoming as renowned and powerful a mage as her idol is, Sinaria Verlien.

III. History & Background
Kristina Wilhamine was born in AC 984 in the village of Aarlanderveen (then in the Nordling Free Province, now in the Barony of Dovehold) to Erik and Beatrice Wilhamine. Her parents were former adventurers who settled down and became merchants prior to starting a family. Kristina was unfortunately their only child as Beatrice died in childbirth. Kristina grew up spoiled and pampered by her father who denied her nothing and sought to give his daughter the best of everything. It was to his great joy that upon Kristina’s 5th birthday her mandatory magical screening found her to have an extremely high affinity and potential for magic. Soon after Erik and his daughter moved to Glantri City and he enrolled her at the Great School of Magic after she easily passed the entrance tests.

Kristina’s early years at the Great School were a bit of an adjustment for her as she went from being the center of her father’s world and denied nothing to being just one of many spoiled, self-centered children. It was a bit of a shock to Kristina so she withdrew from many of her schoolmates and concentrated her focus on her studies. As she grew from a cute child into a beautiful young woman she came to find herself more the center of attention she had been used to earlier in her life but something had changed in her. She really wanted to be known for her mind and magical talent than her beauty or charm. It took some years of learning but Kristina found at the Great School the perfect balance of using her beauty and her intellect to get ahead.

When she graduated from the Great School with her Wizard certificate in hand in AC 1002 she was besieged with offers to work for various guilds, government institutions, and private individuals. However being full of life and the passion to live it to the fullest Kristina decided she wanted to see the world before settling down to the banalities of work and a career. She left Glantri soon after and spent the next several years as an adventurer mainly in Norwold. She had met a group of fellow Glantrians in Oceansend and together they formed a regular adventuring party and found great success and riches in the wilds of Norwold. However Kristina and the group came back home to Glantri when the new of Alphatia declaring war on Glantri reached them in 1005.

Kristina and her group arrived back in find to find utter chaos throughout Glantri. Glantri City was ringed with armed camps where new recruits were being drilled; Alphatian wizards had set loose swarms of monsters and were terrorizing the countryside. Feeling the Grand Army too small and untrained for such operations to deal with the Alphatians and the monsters the Council of Princes called for groups of experienced adventurers to tackle the problem. Kristina and her group immediately answered the call and registered at the Capital and were assigned to Fort Nordling and were given the Central Wendarian Free Province as their area to sweep and clear of Alphatians and their summoned monsters.

For the next year Kristina and her band, now nicknamed Het Stoottroepen by the local population roamed the Wendarian Ranges and their foothills looking for Alphatian mages, their hideouts and movements of humanoids or monsters. The Alphatians were quite active in the Wendarian and the group was always busy engaging monsters and Alphatians when they were able to locate them. The group intercepted and was credited with 12 confirmed kills of Alphatian wizard agents, one of the highest kill totals of any H-K unit. The cat and mouse fighting would continue the rest of the war but due to the effort of the group, and others like it, the intensity of the attacks Alphatians and their monsters decreased substantially after the summer of 1006. In the fall of 1006 word reached Fort Nordling that the Council wanted to meet the members of the group to express their thanks and reward them for their efforts. The group was replaced by another Hunter-Killer group and they travelled to Glantri City where they met with several of the Princes. The group was richly rewarded by the Princes and treated as heroes by the local population as her group had become one of the most famous H-K groups in all Glantri. After the meeting with the Council, Kristina was approached by Prince Vanserie asked to join him and his wife for dinner.

At dinner that night Kristina was informed that in the next several weeks the Council was going to announce the creation of a large number of new dominions and she was asked if she would be interested in becoming a noble. Prince Vanserie told her that he considered Kristina the most suitable Flaemish choice and he strongly encouraged her to consider it, and told her with her fame, skill and beauty would likely have little problem winning the Council vote. Kristina hesitated a bit but relented when the Prince offered to make the area of her birth the site of one of new dominions and offered his, and his allies, support to her if she would run and support Prince Vanserie and the Flaem politically once elevated to noble status. Kristina agreed and several weeks later the new hit Glantri that the Council of Princes was creating 8 new dominions and one of the new ones, a Barony, would be located in the hills of her birth.

As predicted by Prince Vanserie, Kristina easily won the contest for the new Barony and became a noble of Glantri. She immediately installed her father to run the Barony, which was named Dovehold, in honor of her mother and Kristina rejoined Het Stoottroepen to continue to help make the area, now including her Barony safe. The group continued counter-insurgency operations against Alphatian agents for the next year until another summons arrived from the Council of Princes asking the group to come to Glantri City to discuss a matter of national security. Upon arrived they were offered the chance to volunteer for a dangerous mission, the Council had decided to take the fight back to the Alphatians, and were looking for volunteers to travel to Alphatia and give them a taste of their own medicine. All the most famous, and experienced H-K were also summoned and offered the chance to volunteer. Some refused but some like Kristina’s group relished the chance to go on the offensive and volunteered. After a year living dangerously on the edge combined daring attacks with avoiding Alphatian attempts to eliminate them the groups were all rotated home in the spring of 1009 as the overall situation had deteriorated and Glantri wanted its heroes home to help defend the nation against the assault thought to likely come later in 1009 or 1010.

Kristina had no interest in ruling or managing a dominion and was more than happy to give the responsibilities to her father. She also had no interest in living in relative isolation in a far off dominion so she took purchased a mansion in Glantri City and split her time between magical research and involving herself personally in Parliament. Before Alphatian could invade Glantri the war came to the end when Alphatian sank into the ocean and Glantri emerged from the war battered but victorious. Several new dominions were created again by Glantri and several vacancies were due to be filled so another round of Awards Festivals took place in near the end of 1009. With no real attachment to her birthplace and wanting to move up the political ladder Kristina made it clear she’d be interesting in competing for a Viscounty. The Viscounty of Castelbianco came open when the previous Viscount moved up to take the County of Glenargyll. Kristina easily won enough votes to qualify and won easily in a duel over a Sindhi Baron who also qualified and thus became the Viscount of Castelbianco. Again her father ruled in her name and Kristina remained at her mansion in Glantri City. She has spent the following years splitting her time between the social scene, Parliamentary sessions, and magical research.

IV. Web of Intrigue
Juliana is very involved socially and politically and is a stalwart proponent of Flaemish ideals. She shares the same distrust of the Elves and of the Ethengarians of Glantri that many Flaem have. Kristina also has a deep hatred of Alphatians that was only reinforced and strengthened during her experiences in the Great War. There are rumors running through Glantri City Wilhamine went over and above her orders when sent to Alphatia and involved in the cold blooded murder of some Alphatians. No confirmation has of yet surfaced of atrocities. The Council of Princes has no interest in digging too deep into what their insurgent teams did when in Alphatia and lesser nobles rightly fear her and her fellow Flaem if they were the ones to find and present evidence of them.

At the Capital Kristina has cultivated contacts and friendships with the leading Flaem families and especially with the Countess of High Sonden Sinaria Verlien. Kristina is active member of the Followers of Fire as well as the Secret Craft of Fire Elementalism. She owns a fabulous opulent mansion in the Nobles Quarter and hosts a party every year to celebrate Fire Night in which she invites many of her fellow nobles and leading Flaemish government officials living at the Capital. With Sinaria absent for the last two years, said to be an extended research expedition by her son Pieter, Kristina has emerged as the leading Flaemish voice in the Parliament until Sinaria’s return.

In addition to having cultivated a good number of powerful friendships Kristina has made a handful of powerful enemies and rivals. She counts the son (and heir) of Prince Jherek, Ralindi Virayana, as a mortal enemy as to the two have nearly come to violence recently several times in Parliament. In addition Kristina keeps her eyes, and spies, on two of fellow Viscounts she counts them as rivals to any future openings to a Countship. While Kristina is famous and well known for her exploits during the Great War, Viscount Michel Leconte is even more famous, not just in Glantri, for in addition to leading a successful H-K team also led the expedition to defeat the Master who had invaded Darokin during the Great War as well as his own exploits during the Battles of Kantridae and Retebius in Thyatis as part of the GEF (Glantrian Expeditionary Force). Kristina also watches the Viscount of Redstone, Ansel Widefarer, closely as he is a famous and beloved war hero who was part of the Elven delegations sent to Sundsvall prior to the war and credited for the torching of the Alphatian sky-ship navy in Aasla. Kristina works hard to gain any dirt of information on them that might come in handy if she ever has to compete against them for an open noble title in the future.

V. Statistics & Style of Magic
Statistics: 12th-level Wizard, 3rd Circle Fire Elementalist; Str 11, Int 18, Wis 8, Dex 12, Con 11, Cha 16; AL - Chaotic
Languages: Flaem, Thyatin, Alphatian, Fire Elemental, Efreet
Weapon Proficiencies: Staff (basic), dagger (basic)
Skills: Glantrian Politics (I), Planar Geography (I), Alternative Magics (I), Alchemy (I),Magical Engineering (I), Knowledge of Glantrian Government (I), Glantrian Society and Nobility (I), Persuasion (Cha), Bargaining (Cha)

Kristina is a formidable wizard and knows all the common offensive and defensive magical spells, and several special spells crafted by fire wizards. Kristina never willingly engages in hand to hand combat and uses her magic to best effect no matter what the situation; in combat, at home, or in social situations. She sees magic is as means to impress as well and is proud of her status and abilities as a wizard.

"She is nothing more than a fly buzzing around my head"
(Sire Michel Leconte to his Captain of Guards upon being told one of his household staff is
taking gold to spy upon him)