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In the course of developing the Leeha gaz (still crawling along at 1 page every 2-3 weeks), I made Karawenn integrable to the whole of GazF, just not the 1000 AC era.

Basically the Darymen are "Dairymen" - a slang term the semi-nomadic barbarians use to describe their sedentary brethren. One of the western subtribes are the Vanders (< Vanderthan). The modern Vanderthan is a creation of the landrush, post-landrush, in the image of a former barbarian nation allied with the Volospin-era Alphatian colonies.

The Troll Wars are fixed to coincide with the AC 1020 great conflict between humans and humanoids that always was listed in Gaz timelines.

The End of the World is just a canyon/river valley with magical hotspots.

Here is the general timeline I've adopted (based on Havard's work):

Karawenn Timeline

by JTR

468: Alphatians and allied barbarians established Vanderthan.
468: The wizard Graytor discovered the Source Lodestone. Enslaved giants built his fortress atop it as he warred with local humans.
504: Elves, humans, and beasts slew the Graytor. The Lodestone Blade is created. Vanderthan and other realms dissolved.
542: Elven enchantment failed to destroy Castle Graytor, magically altered the End of the World rift.
930 AC: Syssal Kippican born.
981 AC: Fenrald Falwak born.
1002 AC: Dathwell of Vanderthan born.
1006: Dwarves established Greywall.
1010 AC: Lord Bluth Terragal born.
1014 AC: Gallarath of Rochester born.
1020 AC: Trollwars of Karawenn. The Darymen, Bedford, Rochester, and Rockeford break from Vanderthan in its aftermath. Holton Jaken born.
1021 AC: Birth of Danis Vanderthan.
1022 AC: Wallas of Rochester is born.
1030 AC: Terragal repels goblins.
1031 AC: Gazzrick Whiptoe becomes the Leehan ambassador to Vanderthan. The Barony of Ironwood founded.
1033 AC: Sir Erik Merriwell slays the Bull Troll of Rockeford.
1034 AC: Baron Durquesson defeats the White Gargolye of Ironwood.
1035 AC: Immortal creation of the Crown of Vanderthan. Xtan the Red Dragon destroys gnomish and woodland settlements to the west; Pumice resists. Terrence Degraine hunts the Black Stag. Prince Gallarath slays the Blue Gorgon.
1036 AC: Pawns Prevail: The Crown of Vanderthan is discovered, and the Lodestone Blade is reactivated.
1038 AC: Suitors Duel. Nobles seek the hand of Princess Danis. Rockeford allies with the Trollheights against Vanderthan, which is supported by Greenbriar, Rochester, and Graywall.
1039 AC: Immortal Game. Ira the Hsiao becomes king of Riftvale. Xytan is defeated and the Crown of Vanderthan destroyed. Holton Jaken receives title to the Knollbarrens.
1040 AC: Sir Holton weds Danis.
1049 AC: King Dathwell dies. Unified Kingdom of Karawenn under Holton and Danis. Closure of the World’s End gate.