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Age of Nations of the Known World

by Lost Woodrake

Following the thread about the history of Glantri, I was curious how old is each country in its current form as political entity. Going through the historical timelines of the gazetteers, some data surprised me.
First of all, besides Alphatia and the Atruaghin clans (which is a bit difficult to determine), there is no human country older than 1000 years old. In truth, the human Ethengar can be seen as the oldest political entity of all (2688 years since first notion of a Khanate) but it is also the youngest (4 years since Moglai becomes Khan of Khans).
Even more surprisingly to me, many countries are less than a century old (interestingly, it is mainly the Northern and Island countries that are older than that, and Glantri somewhere in between). This means that the current geo-political map of the KW is actually quite new, which could shed intriguing light on the region that I never considered before.

Here is the full list - from youngest to oldest:
Ethengar: 4 years (since declaration of Moglai as Khan of Khans) or 2688 years (since declaration of first Khan)
Broken Lands: 25 years (since Tharís unification of the Broken Lands)
Karameikos: 30 years (as Grand Duchy)
Soderfjord: 50 years (since formation of the League)
Darokin: 73 years (since the Great Merger)
Ylaruam: 79 years (as confederacy)
Glantri: 171 years (as independent republic); 142 years (as principalities)
Minrothad: 309 years (since establishment of the Guilds by Gregus Verdier)
Vestland: 386 years (since establishment of kingdom)
Ierendi: 398 years (as kingdom); 210-225 years with elected monarchs.
Ostland: 522 years (since unification of Ostland)
Thyatis: 1000 years.
Five Shires: 1609 years (since the Restoration); 1572 years (since the split into Shires)
Alfheim: 1700 years (as kingdom)
Alphatia: 2000 years (since Landfall)
Shadow Elves: 2040 years (since crowning of first king)
Rockhome: 2400 years (since crowning of Everast II); 1098 years (since establishment of Senate)
Atruaghin Clans: 2400 years (since unification of clans)