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Known World 2300 BC

by John Calvin

Ok, it's taken me a while to do my Taymora map, and I'm still not completely happy with the results, but I figure I'll post it here and let folks take a look at it.

Taymora BC 2300

Rivers and other water features are still not filled in, nor is most of the terrain in Taymoran territory. I'm also playing around with different mountain configurations - that's just one of them. When you take a look focus on the southern coastline. I tried to use the contours given in the PC3 map along with most of the sunken ruins to determine a good shoreline. I still need to go back and position ruins further inland to try and derive river configurations (which may change my mountain layout).

My eyes must have been pretty tired last night because I missed quite a few underwater ruins while I was devising my shoreline. I've revised it in this map, and included the ruins (now shown as cities in black).

Taymora BC 2300 with cities

I've also found some evidence that the World Mountain may have been volcanic in nature (although it's not shown that way on the map. What do you think?

I've updated my KW_2300BC and KW_Cities_2300BC maps. I've made several changes, including replacing the Taymoran cities with their appropriate icons (most were villages). The only actual city is Colhador, but based on the descriptions from PC3 I'm not convinced that was the actual capital. I think it's more likely that their main power base was centred either in the eastern most valley or the portion of land between what was Ierendi and Utter islands.

Also keep in mind that (for Taymora) we are looking at the placement of settlements as they were in 1700 BC, and this is a map of 2300 BC. Once we determine where the Taymorans "started out" we should be able to work out how they expanded their empire over the centuries.

Geographically I've rebuilt the Great Plateau, and drawn out many of the rivers (focusing mostly on the Taymora area) as well as cleaned up the southern islands. The islands may need to be smaller still than they are. I've also made some changes to the forests up north, but am still not done with those.