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Holidays of the Known World and Savage Coast

by Francesco Defferrari

Here it is a complete list of all the holidays of Know world and Savage Baronies..... I used the list in the PWA3, updating it with my savage baronies, Ylari, elven, humanoids and immortals festivals... Still lack holidays for Hule and the rest of the savage Coast...

1/1 New year's day (Thyatis, Glantri, Aengmor, Minrothad, Ierendi, Savage Baronies, Elves, Wendar, Northern Reaches, Darokin, Karameikos, Heldann) Wintergifting (Five Shires) Good Sprite Day (Erewan of Glantri) Coldsnow, middle winter (Humanoids) Odin day 1-7/1 Winter festival (Ethengar) 2/1 Benekander day (IMC the faith of Benekander is spreading and he is known as Gareth only in Sind and in the West)

3/1 Rebirth day (Halag) Roauris day (IMC only, Roauris is a LG immortal I created and the duchy of Halag is now ruled by his clerics..)

10/1 Ashura' Shi'a (Ylaruam)

10/2 Feast of the Silver Purge (Minrothad) Ruadhiri day

18/2 Monsters' fair (Glantri)

21/2 The Drowning (Pearl Islands) Korotiku day

23/2 Start of the shipping season (Thyatis, Savage Baronies) Chancellor's day (Darokin)

28/2 Festival of Lights (Sind)

1/3 New year's day (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn, Norwold, Rockhome, dwarves) First day of Spring (Thyatis, Elves, Savage Baronies, elk clan Atruaghin) Start of Shipping season (Karameikos) The Discovery (Aengmor and Shadow elves) First raid day (Humanoids) Rabi Al-Awwal (Ylaruam) Frey and Freya day

1-7/3 The Rebirth (Ierendi)

1-8/3 Dance of Serpents (Bear clan, Atruaghin)

3/3 Thor day

7/3 Atruaghin day (Atruaghin) Landfall Day (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn, Norwold) Alphatia day Atruaghin day

8/3 Alphaks day

12/3 Eyrindul day

8-14/3 Spring break (Glantri, Elves, Wendar)

14/3 Caravan day (Rockhome)

15/3 buffalo hunt (horse clan Atruaghin) Opening Day (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn, Norwold, Karameikos) White Horse Ceremony (Ethengar)

25-28/3 Arcanium fair (Glantri)

28/3 Day of the Dead (Karameikos) Day of Irresponsibility (Sind) Khoronus day

1/4 New year's day (Ylaruam, Sind) Day of adulthood (Thyatis) First day of Spring (Ethengar) Ordana day Faunus day

2/4 Djaea day Terra day

3/ 4 Parliament Day (Glantri)

7/4 Arrangements Day (Rockhome)

10/4 Merchant Prince Day (Minrothad)

12/4 Winter's end festival (Elves)

13/4 First Day of Crystals (Shadow Elves) Empress Eriadna birthday (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn, Norwold)

15/4 The Day of Blessing (Ethengar)

16/4 The Day of Partings (Ethengar) Firstflowering (Five Shires)

20/4 Parade Day (Glantri)

21/4 Darokin Masked Ball (Darokin) Asterius day

22/4 Birthday of Thincol (Thyatis)

1/5 Day of Magic (Alphatia) Razud day

9/5 Day of Births (Elves, Aengmor)

10/5 Pflarr day

14/5 Gondola Games (Glantri)

15/5 Howling Day (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn) Day of Birth Blessings (Ethengar)

21/5 Kagyar day

21-27/5 Clerics' Forum (Rockhome)

27/5 Minrothad day (Minrothad) Garal day Minroth day

1/6 Summer solstice (Elves) Patshatl (turtle clan Atruaghin) Freedom day and Crown Tourney (Ierendi) Day of the Straw Men (Karameikos) Light day (Humanoids) Ilsundal day

1-7/6 The Thing (Soderfjord)

7/6 Weddings day (Rockhome)

12/6 Mawlid an Nabi (Ylaruam) al-Kalim day

12/7 The Rejection (Aengmor and Shadow Elves)

14/6 Tarastia day

15/6 Night of the Red Moon (Glantri) Night of the Moon (Elves)

13/6 Daraxi tournament (viper clan Atruaghin)

13-21/6 Day of Duels (Savage Baronies)

15/6 buffalo hunt (horse clan Atruaghin)

15-21/6 Days of the Hoof (Thyatis)

22/6 The Unsheathing (Five Shires)

28/6 Night of Fire (Karameikos, Flaem and Boldavian of Glantri) Rathanos day

1/7 Beasts' day (Karameikos) Halav, Petra and Zirchev Day

6/7 Vanya's dance (Heldann, Thyatis)

12/7 Talitha day

14/7 Feria de Toros (Belcadiz of Glantri, Savage Baronies) The Cornerstone (Aengmor and Shadow Elves) Rafiel day

15/7 Day of Valerias (Thyatis, Karameikos, Darokin, Ierendi), Flowers' festival (Savage Baronies) Highsummer festival (Elves) Doggerel days (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn) The Gathering (Ethengar)

15-28/7 Highsummer (Five Shires)

16/7 Battle of Sardal Pass (Rockhome)

17/7 Feast of the Snakes (Sind) Dragons' immortals and Ka day

25/7 Beggars' hope (Glantri)

27/7 Summer celebration day (Elves) All's Reckless day (Minrothad) Dia de la Siesta (Savage Baronies) Lailat al Miraj (Ylaruam)

1/8 Day of Heroes (Five Shires)

13/8 Darokin Day (Darokin)

15/8 Laylat Al-Baraa (Ylaruam) Vyonnes Carnival (Averoigne, Glantri)

22-28/8 Great Horse Fair (Ethengar)

24-28/8 The Calming of the Sea (Sind)

1/9 Harvest day (Elves) Berry day (Humanoids) Ancestors' day (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn, Norwold) First Day of Riding (Ethengar)

1-2/9 Celebration of the Sea (Ierendi)

1-12/9 The Fast and the Feast (Five Shires)

1-28/9 Ramadan (Ylaruam)

3/9 Showing day (Rockhome)

15/9 buffalo hunt (horse clan) Atruaghin

17/9 Mealiden day (Elves) Mustering day (Aengmor and Shadow elves)

27/9 Day of the Last Sun (Elves) Bask day (Minrothad) Lailat al Qadr (Ylaruam)

1/10 Blood day (Humanoids) holy day of humanoids immortals

1-3/10 'Id al Fitr (Ylaruam)

3/10 Birth of Dandin (Sind) Palartarkan day

6/10 New year's day (Ethengar) Best wishes of Krondahar (Krondahar, Glantri)

8/10 Vanya's day (Thyatis, Savage Baronies, Heldann)

8-15/10 Wine festival (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn)

13/10 Birthday of Tarasfir (Aengmor and Shadow elves)

15/10 Raising the Walls (Glantri)

23/10 Day of Counting (Ethengar)

24/10 Day of Naming and Welcoming (Ethengar)

28/10 Serpent day (Humanoids) King Stefan's Birthday (Karameikos) Dia de los Muertos (Savage Baronies) Atzanteotl day

1/11 Dark day (Humanoids) Cretia day (Ethengar) Hel day

5/11 Necromantia (Klantyre, Glantri) Thanatos day

6/11 Harvest day (Darokin)

15/11 Night of Spirits (Ethengar) Caravan day (Rockhome) Nyx day

16/11 Resolution day (Sind)

22/11 Protius day, end of the shipping season (Thyatis, Savage Baronies) The Reaping (Five Shires)

1/12 Ixion day, first day of winter Farewell to the Sun (Elves, Thyatis, Savage Baronies) Lair day (Humanoids) Black Day (Halag) (IMC only, in that day an important NPC, cleric of Roauris, was killed by a PC wizard)

1-3/12 Days of Right (Ierendi)

2/12 Animal Day (Sind) Koryis day

10-14/12 'Id al Adha (Ylaruam)

14-15/12 Ice Games (Glantri)

15/12 Snow day (Elves) Closing Day (Alphatia, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn) Blessing of the Golden Khan (Ethengar) Boldavian procession (Boldavia, Glantri) Diulanna day

15-21/12 Footman's Games (Thyatis)

22/12 Masauwu day

23-28/12 Midwinter festival (Minrothad)

25/12 Midwinter festival (Elves)

27/12 Day of Law (Ethengar) Alexander Day (Glantri) Rad day

28/12 Year's End Feast (Elves, Aengmor and Shadow Elves) End of the Year (Thyatis, Karameikos, Darokin, Five Shires, Ierendi, Savage Baronies) Hiding from Year's End (Heldann, Northern Reaches, Norwold) Bells of Fate (Glantri) Loki day