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Slavery in the Known World

by Christopher Cherrington

From the Cannon Timeline, I have come up with a slavery timeline. This would also help in determining the cultural evolution of slaves in Thyatis.
Most slaves before AC 0 are a mixture of anti-Alphatian stock, imports from Alphatia like the mundane Cypric stock and Jennites from Bellissaria.
Thyatians enslaved by the Alphatians, whose status does not change much after AC 0.
Beginning at AC 0
Emperor Zendrolion I Tatriokanitas begins conquests of the Ochalea and Pearl Islands. Many rulers, not wanting to face defeat, help by enslaving rivalries and selling them to mainland Thyatis. Pearl Islanders, resist any enslavement, and many die in their behavioural training.
AC 12 Thyatians build a trading station called Cape Alpha, many local Antalian tribes are enslaved and sent to Thyatis before the station is destroyed.
AC 20 Valentia the Justicar makes her Citizens' Proclamation, but most Ochaleans and Pearl Islanders are all ready enslaved.
AC 150 Thyatis begins enslaving the local tribes in the southern areas of the Ylari.
AC 313 The Hattians rebel, Emperor Alexian II defeats them and enslaves the northern part of the country.
AC 410-443 Heavy trade with Minrothad spreads Lycanthropy to many imported slaves.
AC 571 Thyatis establishes prisons on Ierendi, enslaving local peoples.
AC 586 Thyatis is at war with Alphatia, enslaving captured Alphatians, and in Ierendi they enslave some halflings with their ships in harbour.
AC 827 Alphatians expelled from Alasiya, Thyatians happy to capture many colonists, as they leave, and enslave them.
AC 890? (not in cannon) Espans expulsion from Thyatis, those that do not leave are enslaved.
AC 900 Thyatians expand and enslave many of the Isle of Dawn, Traladara, Northern Reaches, Hinterlands, and Oceansend.
AC 960 In Thincol's revolt against the Alphatian Spike Assault, enslaves many captured Alphatians. Many Thyatians are also enslaved as Thincol establishes his rule over the Thyatians.
AC 980 Many new trading of slaves from Jaibul, Helskir, Oceansend, Landfall, Ierendi pirates, Iron Ring, et.

According to the above, the slave population in Thyatis would be made of this...
A mixed, or Mulatto, race of slaves made of

Alphatian 24.90%
Cypric 3.11%
Jennite 2.49%
Thyatian 39.42%
Ochalea 16.60%
Nuari 1.04%
Antalian 12.45%

This would be the population of 71.37% of the slaves. The other 28.63% of slaves would be made up these percentages...

Alphatian 35.53%
Cypric 2.59%
Jennite 2.07%
Thyatian 7.40%
Ochalea 1.48%
Nuari 0.15%
Antalian 1.48%
Ylari 9.25%
Hattian 17.03%
Makai 0.35%
Halflings 0.01%
Espan 3.78%
Traladaran 3.55%
Hinterlands 14.81%
Sindhi 0.52%