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Slaves of the Known World

by Francesco Defferrari

I was thinking about the slaving nations of the Known World (Thyatis, Ostland, Jaibul and the Black Eagle in AC 1000, just Thyatis and Jaibul, I believe, in AC 1018) and I ask myself where they slaves come (and came) from.

About Ostland, it's quite easy: its slave population came from Norwold, Heldann, Vestland, Soderfjord, Ylaruam and Northern Isle of Dawn. I believe Ostland raiders didn't even dare to raid directly Thyatis (with Thyatis they were even allied for some time IIRC), or Alphatia, but maybe raided some of their mercantile ships. For the same reason, I believe the most of Ostlander raids hit Norwold and the Isle of Dawn, and a lot less the more warlike and ready to retaliate Heldann and Ylaruam and the too near Vestland and Soderfjord. But sure Ostlander pirates didn't mind to raid ships of any nation, and probably they do even in 1018, after the abolishing of slavery in their nation, and maybe sell slaves to Thyatis...

Jaibul probably take slaves from the coasts of Sind, Yavdlom, the Serpent Peninsula and the Savannah coast. I think that the Iron ring organisation in the Black Eagle barony simply bought slaves from Jaibul and from pirates of the Sea of Dread to sell them to Thyatis. Nowadays probably Thyatians slavers buy directly from Sea of Dread pirates, or from Minrothad slavers. A lot of the slaves in Thyatis probably came from the Four Kingdoms in Davania, too. Some slaves could be from Alphatian territories of the Isle of Dawn too, but only those taken in times of war, because I believe that Thyatis wouldn't risk an all-out war against Alphatia or Thothia capturing slaves in time of peace. I don't recall if under Thyatian law it's possible to enslave Thyatian citizens for debts, if it's possible probably some Thyatian slaves are simply... Thyatians (IIRC criminals are not enslaved but exiled to colonise remote lands or deported to Borydos island...) In the past Thyatians have taken slaves from other nations too, particularly Norwold, Traladara, Ylaruam and Ierendi, but nowadays I believe that should be no more slaves from those nations, or maybe just some sailors enslaved by pirates. Some Thyatian slaves, particularly in the country, could be slaves from some generations, but I think there will be not too many slaves of this kind, because probably many masters free their slaves after a lifetime of service, as often happened in the ancient roman empire.

These are my thoughts, and now go with the question to the list :-) Probably nations bordering Thyatis know that there are pirates and slavers that sell their citizen to the empire, so these nations could protest with Thyatian ambassador or maybe even threaten war... How do you think the WDL should act in this matter? Or maybe do you think that Thyatis forbid buying subjects of KW nations as slaves? Obviously Darokin would never tolerate the enslavement of a gold or even silver class citizen, but what about a copper class sailor? Would Darokin (or Ierendi, or...) protest if captives from its ships are enslaved?

How many of Thyatis slaves population do you think are from the Four Kingdoms? and Thanegioth? Isle of Dawn, KW nations? Norwold? Sind and the west? and Thyatians? I would gamble something like 35% 5% 15% 10% 10% 20% 5%... what do you think?