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Kwythellar Elves

by Jeff Daly

This is what I have on a certain community on the northern coast of Davania. It is my contribution to Geoff Gander's quest to populate this magnificent continent.

After the Great Rain of Fire slew mighty Blackmoor, there were many migrations of peoples seeking new life amidst the destruction. Not least of these pilgrimages was the survivors' of Lost Evergrun Over the Sea led by mighty Ilsundal, Tree Father.

There were many who disagreed with Ilsundal and his "back to nature" philosophy. Some stayed in the homeland and doubtless died there. Many dropped off from the migration and made a home in any one of a number of stopping points, having believed themselves to have found paradise at last.

One of these groups, the followers of Kwythellar, decided they had had enough of fleeing. For, was it not humans who had caused the destruction? Should it not indeed be humans who paid?

These elves whispered among themselves that they should not merely pass on to the otherwheres and allow the "younger races" to take control. On many other worlds, they knew, this had been done and elven civilisation just quietly vanished into the night and the mists.

These elves, young themselves, decided it was time to take action. Were they not more powerful than the humans? Who, after all, were the truly ephemeral races? Surely not the century spanning, magic wielding elves!

And so it was that Kwythellar pointed out a lovely, primitive, vulnerable human civilisation which was protected on all sides by a massive mountain range. They were allied with a nearby dwarven kingdom (Duargar) against a goblin horde (The Kresh).

Kwythellar gathered the human chieftains, and through flashy displays of magic convinced them that he could better protect them from the Kresh than the dwarves could.

In a blinding display of political manoeuvring, Kwythellar led his followers and the humans in betraying the dwarves and routing the goblins.

Kwythellar then went proudly to Ilsundal and declared that he had provided the pilgrims with not only a place to live, but a ripe and abundant source of goblin and human slaves.

Ilsundal and his followers were disgusted. Ilsundal cast out Kwythellar and his followers in a great display.

The Elves of Kwythellar, or Kwythellar as the nation is now known, exist today with their human and goblin slaves in a small coastal kingdom on the north shore of Davania. The dwarven kingdom still lies in the barrier mountains and the remnants of the goblin horde (now regained in size) still roams the nearby forest and plains.