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General Kong Kylie

by Jacob Skytte

36th level Elven Master Thief

Age: 489, Height: 7'5", Weight: 129 lbs., Hair: Golden, Eyes: Green

Str 18
Int 10
Wis 11
Dex 17
Con 18
Cha 18
Com 17

Sight: 15
All other senses average.

HP: 155
Honour: 9
Persistence: 11
Selfishness: 1
XP: 9,923,865

Attack Rank: S
THAC0: -2
AC: 7 unarmoured
-7 armoured

Weapon Mastery:
Sword; Expert
Whip; Basic
Bola; Skilled
Heavy Crossbow; Basic
Blowgun; Basic

Thief Abilities:
Open Locks: 122%
Find Traps: 100%
Remove Traps: 100%
Climb Walls: 112%
Move Silently: 101%
Hide/Shadows: 99%
Pick Pockets: 145%
Hear Noise: 135%
Find Secret: 106%

Spells/level: 4 1st, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 2 4th, 1 5th
Level 1: Read Magic, Magic Missile, Produce Heat/Cold (special; learned from Zorgon Marcovic)
Level 2: Web, Mirror Image, Knock
Level 3: Lightning Bolt, Dispel Magic, Fire Ball
Level 4: Ice Storm/Wall, Wood to Water (special; learned from Zorgon Marcovic)
Level 5: Conjure Elemental, Rain of Lava (special; learned from Zorgon Marcovic)

War Machine: +60 to Leadership Factor

Armour: Plate Mail+3; Cure Wounds, Shield+4
Weapons: GUENTHER, Whip+4, Bola+4, Heavy Crossbow+3; Draining
Rings: Animal Control (not usually worn), Quickness, Fire Resistance
Miscellaneous: Rod of Earth & Fire, Staff of Wizardry, Cage of Carrying, Muzzle of Training, Bag of Holding, Bag of Endless Holding (100,000 cn), Thieves Tools, Rope of Climbing (100'), 25,000 pp, 10 Iron Rations

GUENTHER: Neutral Sword+4; INT 12; EGO 1; Reads Magic, Find Secret Doors, Flying, 2xHealing, Extra Damage, Illusion, Clairaudience, Teleportation, Telepathy
When fighting with GUENTHER Kong Kylie is THAC0 -9, Damage: 2d8+7 and has 3 attacks per round.

Kong Kylie was originally an adventurer in the Empire of the Great Khan on the continent of Skothar. Having adventured there for centuries, Kong Kylie eventually got involved in politics and rose to the rank of general in the army of the Khan. When the Khan was assassinated, Kong Kylie assumed the throne in a military coup, owing to the loyalty of the troops of the empire. His rule was short however, as he barely avoided an assassination attempt, then was forced to flee the invading forces of the winged magicians of Oceania. Kong Kylie opted to leave Skothar altogether and fled with his most trusted comrades, boarding a frigate bound for unknown waters. After the harrowing sea voyage he ended up in Norwold, having successfully eluded his pursuers. There he was granted a dominion by King Ericall after proving victorious in a tournament. His dominion was located close to the Wyrmsteeth Mountain Range and he learned of Immortality from an ancient gold dragon. He pursued Immortality in the Sphere of Thought, while his close friend Zorgon Marcovic took the Path of the Paragon in the Sphere of Energy. During one of Zorgon's duels with a 36th-level wizard called Mayall Uthe Seulb, Zorgon was disintegrated with no hope of resurrection. This event changed Kong Kylie forever, and he became melancholic and far more thoughtful than he had ever been. Eventually he completed his trials and ascended to Immortality.


Temporal Novice in the Sphere of Thought
Str 25
Int 25
Wis 25
Dex 17
Con 25
Cha 25
Com 17

HD: 20
HP: 100
PP: 500
Anti-Magic: 50%

THAC0: 5
AC: 0

Attacks: Punch; 3 attacks per round; 6d6, Wrestling Rating: 33

Aura: 6 affected, -6 to Saving Throw

Having attained Immortality, the first thing Kong Kylie (now just known as Kylie) did was invest the power needed to maximise his intelligence and wisdom ratings. This had always been a dream of his, being able to grasp the intricate workings of the mind. After the death of his (highly intelligent) friend Zorgon Marcovic, this had been a particularly pressing issue, since he thought that had he only been smarter, he could have saved him. Having plenty of power to spend, he also raised other abilities, leaving only his dexterity and comeliness at their mortal levels. Kylie is just getting established as an Immortal and will likely attempt to attract a following among intellectual thieves. In mortal existence he always tried to use his Thief Abilities in as smart a way as he could, and only rarely for personal gain. Having run an exotic pet shop in Norwold, Kong Kylie had trained a lion to be his companion (it too was disintegrated by an enemy of his), and he still has fond memories of it, and likes to appear with a fierce lion at his side. He has great respect for people who tame wild animals. While a general in mortal life, he was never known as a great tactician. Instead he was a charismatic and inspiring leader, who only fought when left with no other options. But due to his great respect for intelligence and wisdom, he is far more likely to aid great tacticians, rather than people who remind him of his former self. Kylie's primary mortal identity is similar in every way to his original mortal form, he has no desire to improve upon it. A sure way to identify Kylie's involvement in mortal affairs is to watch for the name Zorgon Marcovic. His unending respect for the man assures that he finds a way to involve it in every undertaking. On the other hand if the name Edvind crops up, Kylie might very well be involved as well. This is the name of a dwarf that he once adventured with, and he always thought that Edvind was the most obnoxious individual he ever knew.