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Locations from the Izondian Deep Region

by Geoff Gander

I'll spell out the names of the geographic features, because they didn't come out well:

Final Bay (south of Davania's northernmost peninsula on the map)
Izondian Wall
Hwungo Forest (west of the Izondian Desert)

1. Oberherrschaft of Schweidnitz (see Adakkian Sound article) - Francesco developed this region in his work on the Crabmen
2-3. Cities of the Kwythellar elves (see the Vaults)
5. Nastoreth (this developed, and I'll post it soon - not a nice place to visit)

I never got around to developing the rest, but the region around the Hwungo Forest was intended to be a Tanagoro/demi-ogre mix, borrowing a bit from Steven B. Wilson's Arica work on the Vaults.

Locations 6-10 were going to be colonies of Gombar and Suma'a - trading outposts for the most part, but interactions with the locals can produce weird effects...