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The Death of Lamberto Fulvina - Episode V

by Giampaolo Agosta and Giovanni Porpora

Episode V
Lamberto's Death

In a bet to prove the superiority of the Caurenzan charm over women, Signor Lamberto Fulvina must lay with one woman for each of the Principalities.
Already he has but one woman left-an Ethengarian-to lay with to win the bet.
But Don Ricardo de Belcadiz suspects him of cheating, and is out to expose this in the presence of Count Seisyll Wittels of Wylon, the appointed judge of the bet. Furthermore, even darker, more sinister forces, in the form of the Dark One and the Caurenzan, plot against Signor Lamberto.

Dramatis Personae
SIGNOR LAMBERTO FULVINA, VISCOUNT OF VERAZZANO A Caurenzan nobleman who plays the giovin donnaiolo, Signor Lamberto is one woman away to win a bet to prove that Caurenzan lovers are superior to Belcadizian ones. His task: to bed one woman from each Principality. His methods: hire courtesans from the local prostitution house.

DON RICARDO DE BELCADIZ, SON OF PRINCE ALFONSO Out to expose Signor Lamberto's trick, Don Ricardo has hired a rogue from the Fellowship of the Pouch to pose as the only Ethengarian courtesan from the Sisterhood of the Private Houses.

A petty noble of Caurenze, with petty pretensions and petty sensibilities.
Although friends with the Visconte di Verazzano, other nobles barely tolerate his presence.

SIGNOR VITTORIO FULVINA, SON OF VISCONTE LAMBERTO OF VERAZZANO The cruel heir apparent to the Viscounty of Verazzano has expressed distaste of his father's philandering amorous life-and is rumoured to have expressed distaste of his father being alive altogether.

A modest, almost prudish, Alphatian nobleman with ambitions. He has been appointed as the judge to observe Signor Lamberto bed a woman from each of the Principalities, a task which has caused him great embarrassment and discomfiture.

Miguel's loyalty and familiarity with the nobleman goes beyond the bounds of master and servant. Eyebrows have been raised at their friendship, and tongues have been wagged suggesting more.

NORA TIJLEN, MEMBER OF THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE POUCH A thief and a con artist in Verazzano. Her most valued asset seems to be her skill in disguising herself as a seductive Ethengarian prostitute.

SIGNOR UMBERTO FULVINA, BROTHER OF VISCONTE LAMBERTO OF VERAZZANO An experienced wizard and a bon vivant. He is content with enjoying his life, while letting his brother rule Verazzano, although the fact that Lamberto can rule and enjoy life of the time has sometimes caused him to reconsider his situation.


At his party, Lamberto is courting an Ethengarian woman-or what it appears to be an Ethengarian. The woman seems too eager to fall for Lamberto's charm, but people don't seem to care. After all, Visconte Fulvina is the boss here, and most people tend to be servile to him anyway.

RICARDO: (Impatiently) How long does he want us to stay here and wait for the end of his pantomime? What a disgusting scene! Where's Count Weasel?
MIGUEL: Count Seisyll Wittels? He's over there, talking with that Caurenzan.
RICARDO: Let us join them.
MIGUEL: Shouldn't we ask for their permission first?

Count Seisyll Wittels has spent his last hour trying to gain some information about political alliances and gossip in Caurenze from, of all people, Alceo Boero. "Signor" Alceo is only too happy to be given such attention, and eagerly provides the Count a large amount of misinformation continuously without stopping for breath. Count Wittels has begun to realise that Truth and Alceo are not good friends.

SEISYLL has already shifted his attention to a nearby fresco (Ironically, it depicts two lovers.), when he notices the RICARDO and MIGUEL approaching, and realises their company would be better than ALCEO's.

SEISYLL: My dear Don Ricardo! (Shakes hands with Ricardo) RICARDO: (Taken aback by SEISYLL's warm welcome) My dear Count Weasel, I see you're in a good mood!
SEISYLL: Why shouldn't I? It's such a wonderful night! And please, Don Ricardo, just call me Seisyll.
Ricardo: (Dead-pan) I just did.
ALCEO: (Mostly to himself) Sorry, milords. I must leave a while. Something needs to be fixed.

ALCEO leaves hastily towards the balcony without being noticed. Everyone else, including SEISYLL, RICARDO, and MIGUEL, are staring at LAMBERTO as they exit the ballroom to the upper floor. As the halls will with giggling, SEISYLL and RICARDO prepare their move.

SEISYLL: How long shall we wait?
RICARDO: I'd say no more than five minutes. I fear there are guards on the upper floor though.
SEISYLL: No, there aren't any. I'm pretty sure of this.
RICARDO: Really? (Impressed) You're quite the information gatherer. How did you manage to learn this?
SEISYLL: (Elusive) Well, it will take some long time to explain, my dear Don Ricardo...
RICARDO: See, Miguel! I think I'll send you to Weasel here to learn something about him.
MIGUEL: (Informally) Oh, but I don't think he wants me to learn all his secrets.

RICARDO and MIGUEL start laughing. SEISYLL is at first confused by their humour and their familiarity, but decides to laugh along, although uncomfortably. When his laughter starts to become genuine, MIGUEL abruptly stops.

MIGUEL: (In alarm) Where does this foul smell come from?
RICARDO: (Sniffing the air) Mmmmh, I don't know but I don't like it.
SEISYLL: It reminds me of something, I just can't recall what...

(Suddenly RICARDO and SEISYLL stare at each other with an alarmed expression. They rush upstairs, but none of the guests pay much attention to them. Moments later, a piercing scream echoes in the halls. The guests are paralysed and silent, and their attention focused towards the staircase.
After a few tense moments that seemed like eternity, a haggard SEISYLL comes down the stairs, pale and shaking, sweat dripping from his forehead.)

SEISYLL: (Nervously) Please... Y-you must help. S-s-signor Lamberto... is dead.

How did Lamberto die? Was he murdered? What happened to the Ethengarian woman? What had Don Ricardo and Count Wittels witness? What happened to Ricardo? Discover this and more in the upcoming 6th Episode of The Death of Lamberto Fulvina: To Find a Culprit.