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Rakasta bloodlines: Lammasu

by David Knott

In the process of analysing Bruce Heard's rakasta article in Dragon #147 for the Mystara3E project I noticed that he suggested the lammasu, feystag, cath shee, and ebon tiger as possible sources of Rakasta bloodlines. Of these, the only one that suggests obvious effects is the Lammasu:

Die Roll: Take pick from 2-7, the values not accounted for in the article.

Terrain: This bloodline is available only to those Rakasta breeds found in tropical or temperate plains.

Weak Lineage: Alignment cannot be chaotic or evil, intelligence roll and maximum are increased by +2, cleric/paladin level limits are increased by +3, and MR of 10% is granted. Under 3E rules, "Cleric" becomes "preferred multiclass" and MR is converted to 3E equivalent.

Strong Lineage: Alignment must be LG, Rakasta radiates personal "protection from evil" effect, MR of 20% is granted, and energy burst permits Rakasta to grow wings and fly at 18(D).

Does anyone have any comments on these suggested bloodline abilities, or any suggestions for abilities of other bloodlines?

In case the Lammasu bloodline seems a bit overpowered, it has occurred to me that the human-like face of that monster would provide some potential weaknesses in terms of reduced charisma and bite damage (die reduction of 1-2 for "weak" lineage, or complete loss of bite damage for "strong" lineage).