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Lady Lan-Syn Virayana

by Jennifer Guerra

First Wife of Prince Jherek Virayana IV of Krondahar

Dream Master of the Fourth Circle

AC 1014

"Of course, sir, I shall do as my lord husband wishes in any matter."

(To a visiting petty noble who drunkenly and brazenly suggested that Jherek share Lan-Syn with him for the evening. The Prince graciously made the man the main even in the next day's hunt.)


Lan-Syn Virayana is a woman of classic beauty, with strong features, high cheekbones, and sharp eyes. She is tall (5'9") and statuesque, with an hourglass figure that belies her years. Lan-Syn does, in fact take potions of longevity, and appears to be about thirty-five years of age. She has dark brown hair and golden-brown eyes, which offset the slightly pale, golden hue of her skin.

Lan-Syn dresses in the traditional manner of central and eastern Ethengar: a del with high shoulder and the collar, hem, and sleeves decorated with intricate designs. On formal occasions, she styles her headdress by fastening her hair with silver and gold grips, then mounting the arrangement with strung peals and gems. In public, she frequently wears a sheer silk scarf over her hair for reasons of modesty. On all occasions, Lan-Syn carries herself with the quiet grace and submissive dignity which have made her a nearly-legendary figure among Krondaharans.


Lan-Syn Virayana was born in Braastar in AC 970. Her father was Ranjit Krinagar, a Krondaharan nobleman and a good friend of Prince Jherek Virayana III. Her mother, Medu-An, was Ranjit's strong-willed, high-born first wife. Lan-Syn and her older brothers, Urmahid and Khahak, grew up happy and confident, lavished with their permissive father's attention and surround by the love of their mother, two lesser wives, and their few half-brothers and sisters.

The thirteen year-old Lan-Syn developed a close friendship with the Prince's son, Jherek Virayana IV, the best friend of her twenty-five year-old brother Urmahid. When Urmahid left to operate as a spy in Ethengar for the Council of Princes, Lan-Syn was terrified for her brother, and relied heavily upon Jherek for emotional support. This relationship scandalised Krondaharan nobility-It was just not proper or fitting for a high-born young lady to mix with men, no matter the rank of the man, nor the nature of the relationship. Ranjit allowed the friendship to continue for a while, but when his business began to suffer because of the disgrace, he was finally forced to put an end to the situation. He spoke to Prince Jherek, who advised his son, then studying at the Great School of Magic, to break off all communication with Lan-Syn.

Jherek complied and Lan-Syn was shattered. She withdrew from all of her friends and family and her mother-fearing for her daughter's life-pleaded with Ranjit to allow Lan-Syn and Jherek to continue their friendship. Ranjit stood his ground; he had a family to support through his business, and he would not lose his livelihood because of a spoiled child. At long last, the man lost his temper, and Lan-Syn was beaten and confined to her rooms.

But Lan-Syn had her mother's spirit-she not only escaped, she ran away to Glantri City where she gained entry into the Great School of Magic. She took advantage of her property-control right to use her intricate gold and silver jewellery (intended as a future dowry) for tuition. Ranjit was completely scandalised. He had not choice; he turned to his friend, Prince Jherek, and asked for advice. The Prince spoke to his son, who promptly took Lan-Syn as his first wife. Young Jherek was not exactly dismayed at this situation, as he had his eye on the tempestuous Lan-Syn for a while now.

Jherek allowed Lan-Syn to continue her magical studies, although he insisted that she learn at home, under his own guidance. In time, he also taught his wife-who proved to be nearly as adept at illusion magic as well as Jherek himself-the Secret Craft of Dream Magic.


Over the years, Lan-Syn has been careful to maintain with her husband the strong friendship which brought them together, although she is no longer the passionate headstrong girl she once was. She loves Jherek more than life (as he, indeed, loves her), and understands that he finds it necessary to marry again, as well as to keep numerous concubines (That is to say, she understand her native customs, although she does not necessarily agree with them). However, the Prince will never know how deeply jealous she is of the others, especially Aleah, and how much it breaks her heart that she was never able to give him the son he wanted.

Web of Intrigue

Soon after Prince Jherek was killed in a falling accident and he took control of Krondahar, Jherek developed a passion for a woman named Aleah, an accomplished thief whom he had met through Lan-Syn's brother Urmahid. When he asked Lan-Syn for her consent to their marriage, Lan-Syn assented with great poise and dignity, as she did two years later when Jherek wished to marry Waira, although she deeply resents both women for "seducing" her husband.

Lan-Syn's resentment toward Aleah and Waira carries over to their sons, Ralindi and Rejladan, in the form of cool neutrality. Though she is not capable of fully hating Jherek's sons, neither can she overcome her bitterness enough to accept them.

Lan-Syn's elder brother, Khahak-left out of Urmahid's great political successes due to (he believes) his tepid relationship with Jherek-has seized upon his sister's distaste for her stepsons (and her "liberal" beliefs) and is subtly trying to manoeuvre her into believing that she, and not Ralindi, should rule Krondahar after Jherek's eventual passing. Though only time will tell if this bitter seed takes root, it is aided by influence from another quarter: Lan-Syn's friend, Princess Carnelia de Belcadiz, who scolds Lan-Syn for accepting her homeland's restrictions on women in power.

Statistics & Style of Magic

17th-level illusionist, Dream Master of the 4th Circle.

Str 11 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 17 Wis 13 Cha 15, AL N (D&D), CN (AD&D).

Languages: Ethengarian (Krondaharan dialect), Thyatian (Glantrian dialect), Elvish (Belcadizian dialect).

Weapon Proficiencies: none.

Skills: astrology, etiquette, meditation, reading/writing, riding/land-based, spellcraft.

As Lan-Syn has learned her magic from her husband Prince Jherek, she has access to all the Krondaharan spells, most of which deal with illusions and dream magic. In the Secret Craft of Dream Magic, Lan-Syn only second to Jherek and will most likely succeed him as the High Mistress of Dream Magic, should Jherek pass away.

Lan-Syn's most notable and most special magical possessions are a ring of protection +5/+2 to saves and a wand of illusions (fully charged), is inlaid in gold and gem dust, which was a gift from Jherek.

"How any Averoignian poseur can be in the same room with her and still believe themselves to have even an ounce of class is beyond me."

(Princesa Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias)