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Lava Shark

by KtA

AC 3
Hit Dice 6
Move 120' (40')
Attacks 1 bite or 1 spit
Damage 3d6 or 2d6
Number Appearing 1-2 (1-2)
Save As Fighter 3
Morale 7
Treasure Type Nil
Alignment Neutral
XP Value 275

A Lava Shark can spit a pellet of lava as a missile weapon (short range 30', medium 60', long 90') dealing 2d6 damage. They use this attack when facing creatures outside the lava they swim in - those who cannot survive in fire/lava environments.

Lava Sharks resemble normal sharks in shape, but their flesh appears rocklike. They swim more slowly than normal sharks.

A Lava Shark totally immersed in water will be killed with a steam explosion that inflicts 1d8 damage (from scalding) on everyone within 10 feet, Saving Throw vs Breath Weapon for half damage.