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LB trading post on Ochalea

by James Mishler

In my campaign, the major trading post of the Savage Baronies to be found in the Sea of Dread region is, unusually enough, found on the isle of Ochalea. Trade began between the merchants of The Isle and the LB Trading Company several decades before Almarron took over the claw peninsula in 939 AC (it is rumored that Ochalean Alchemists had a hand in the development of smoke powder). The LB trading post on Ochalea was set up on a small island in the harbor of Wonzhao Tsu Yi; most trade was for precious items, such as silk and gemstones (as well as magical knowledge), though some factoring was done for various Thyatian and City States interests. An influx of merchants and refugees arriving from Cimmaron in 1007 coincided with Teng Lin-Dieu's efforts to eliminate Thyatian influence on The Isle; a troop of Cimmaron adventurers assisted in the "persuasion" of the Thyatian garrison to abandon their fortress at Beitung. In recognition for their assistance (as well as in consideration for several trading concessions and mutual defense pacts), the LB Trading Company was awarded a 99 year lease on the ancient Thyatian fortress. In the last five years, the LB Eastern Trading Division has become one of the major economic leaders in the southern Sea of Dread (acting as factors for many Ochalean merchant clans).