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Lords of the Cruth Lowlands: flow chart

by Giampaolo Agosta

I put together this flow chart of the main parts of the adventure. I made it primarily to highlight connections which are not yet in the document -- essentially the plot is currently limited to the quest items I've put in the Ruins of Achelos part -- for future development, but it can also serve to clarify the flow of the adventure (or, more correctly, the possible flows of the adventure), for the time being.
Adventures/encounters are grouped geographically, and connected by plot threads labeled with either the quest name or patron. Colors are used to make plot threads more evident.

Essentially, the adventure starts in Nova Achelos with the clean-up mission (Riverside Slums), then may follow several directions. The primary plot in the current document is the Undead Menace caused by the Vampire Lord in the River Keep, with the involvement of the Sons of Night, followed by the exploration of the upper course of the Achelos River, leading to Kurest Hurgon.

Other plot threads include: