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Location of Lion Castle

by Robin

Digging Through Lion Castle as we speak

To discern its canon location I captured this route information, and gained several questions

(Where is this??)
You cross the river by ferry and turn east to walk along the river. The great grassland of the Ethengar Khanate stretches out ahead of you.
(Which River??) It seems the PC's walk and do not use any horses
east along river (this means the river flows from west to east ---making it seem logical to originate from the Collossus Mountains--it also implies this Sarsdell is located very close to the Ethengar Border
Six days pass. You have seen few animals since you left Sarsdell, and you have talked to no one. You turn north away from the riverbank, and begin crossing the flat grasslands.
6 days with a movement rate of 90'-30' (a reasonable speed packed going by foot) gives a total covered distance of 90/5=18 miles per day (as per RC rules) and thus 108 miles in total (=13.5 x 8-mile hexes) if 60'-20' (slow speed possible due high grass) this would become 60/5=12 miles per day and a total of 72 miles (=9 x 8-mile hexes)
first then the PC's move north away from river
seeing on the 8th day a gray mound visible on north horizon
reaching late afternoon on the 9th day lion castle (this means they travelled another 2days making the north direction 2x18=36 miles (=4.5 x 8-mile hexes) or if slowed down 2x12=24 miles (=3 x 8-mile hexes)
as in total Lion castle would be 6 days travelling = 72 to 108 miles (12 to 13.5 x 8-mile hexes)going east along a river flowing east, and then 2 days travelling = 24 to 36 miles (3 to 4.5 x 8-mile hexes)going north.
However, it is also said the BEGIN crossing the flat grassland at this 6th day.; this might assume they were NOT in the grasslands earlier and would be walking (most probably) in hills sloping down towards the visible plains. Then Sarsdell must be located along the Glantrian side of the Dol-Anur-and the PC's travel 6 days in the hills and then go 2 days north

Going east could imply Northeast, east or southeast as a general direction.
Going north could imply Northwest, North, northeast as a general direction
The only eastward river I found is indeed the Dol-Anur, but as the Collossus mountains are in the West of Ethengar, it would deem logical more rivers would exists going east (probably ending in the Dol-Anur)

My suggestions are
1; Sardell lies near Rymskigrad, the PC's travel in the hills going southEAST(Half the given rates (36 to 54 miles =6 to 6.75 x 8 mile hexes and then go 2 days travelling = 24 to 36 miles (3 to 4.5 x 8-mile hexes)going northeast ; placcing Lion Castle in the last Green Grassland hex above the Y of the word Yugatai on the map
2; Sardell lies against the Collossus mountains west of Estoniarsk, the PC's travel first in the Hills along the northern side of an unknown river until it meets the Dol-Anur south of Estoniarsk, then continue their vcoyage along the river, going northeast there placing Lion Castle Northeast of the Namgyal-Oyun Hakomon Location...or north right below the "Y"of Yugatai on the map....This however implies that the Pc's have crossed the Dol-Anur while this is not detailed in the text.
3 Sardell is located along an unknown river against the Collossus Mountains (possible somewhere west of Bramyra), causing the PC's to finally end going NOrtheast away from the river..making the Ajam-Ugul Hakomon location deem best fitting, or anywhere 3 to for hexes northeast away from the dol-anur.(which they must have crossed without this being detailed).

One note; Lion Castle was written before Ethengar and its rivers /map were detailed, hence I allow bending the directional travels as mentioned above to make it at least feasible.
Quotes are directly from the adventure page 6 & 7

In my Opinion Adjam-Ugul seems best fitting; especially as this is translated into "I give up" making it a dominating and fearful location. Ethengar hex 1 NW (making the lion head as symbol of death logical; many give up in the face of death

Any further input is more than welcome on this matter

First Lion Castle's location is discussed here
and revealed on the two maps here (sorry I had to split this up and the split lies just between the two locations; Sarsdell and Lion Castle.. Sarsdell is located on this map north west, from there you see a dark Yellow Trail leading east as per adventure The Ghost of Lion Castle, If you follow this trail you have to use this map, where Lion Castle is part of the hakomon location Adjam-Ugul
Second; These maps are as of yet unfinished and set aside while working on my Karameikos 1 mile hex maps. But, I will soon return to Ethengar and finish these maps.
Third; Yes he would, and that according the story rumors have seriously been spread to lure more adventurers and greedy similars, AND this mage (most propbable Glantrian) is in Ethengar, a nation dispising (especially Glantrian) mages and foreigners, he/she would certainly have to continue his wits, skills and such both wise and intelligently (up to a political base at the minimum) to keep the castle and/or get out alive.
Fourth; Adjam-Ugul as being a Hakomon location

and Henceforth the Lion Castle (here in a more realistic Ethengar background)

will be further detailed when I continue on Ethengar maps....and be sure I I have taken a like for this area.

All in all a very interesting location storywise in reflection to Ethengar-Glantrian relations in all aspects.

I would not desire such a heritage, and many would agree (especially Glantrian Mages)