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Leptar, The Slave Lord

by Håvard

Intermediate Deity (Celestial of Entropy)
Portfolio/Interests: Slavers, Cruelty.
Symbol: A pair of black manacles.
Home Plane: Pyts
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Worshippers: Slavers, Iron Ring Members, Evil Karameikans.
Cleric Alignment: Any Evil.
Domains: Chaos, Strength, Evil
Favoured Weapon: Whip.

Illustration: Leptar appears not unlike the Deity portrayed in this illustration.

Leptar was a Warlord in Traladara several hundred years ago. At that time, Thyatian merchants were settling in Marilenev (Today's Specularum). He made a huge profit from selling kidnapped Traladarans as slaves to his Hattian allies. Eventually, his schemes were toppled by the healer Chardastes. He went on with his quest for Immortality, with Orcus as his sponsor. Leptar and Chardastes remain enemies to this day. Leptar also opposes the Traladaran Three, who are allies of Chardastes. Leptar is allied with the Unholy Trinity (Arik, Orcus and Demogorgon), who seek to return Traladaran lands to Beastman rule. The Unholy Trinity views Leptar mostly as a servant, but Leptar hopes eventually to become accepted as an equal.

Leptar appears as a powerful humanoid figure with glowing yellow eyes and most of his body covered in short dark fur.

Leptar promotes slavery and cruel treatment of slaves. The strong have a right to control the weak according to this twisted immortal's philosophy.

Church and Temples
Leptar has a following in Karameikos, Thyatis and other Known World countries, but is considered illegal in all of them. His temples are often secret underground lairs where slavers gather to worship their dark patron in secret. Cultists often tattoo Leptar's symbol onto their chests or arms. Clerics wear black ceremonial robes with eye-holed hoods. However, these are just worn for ceremonies. Since the cult is illegal, Clerics usually hide their allegiance and dress like commoners for non-religious occasions.

Further Ideas:
The concept of slavery as a problem for Karameikan relations with neighbouring nations might be developed further. The fact that slavery was explicitly illegal in Karameikos originally seemed to me as a na´ve way to portray Karameikans as the good guys. However, perhaps due to the large operations of the Iron Ring, Slavery is and has been a large problem in the country, with large numbers of people being kidnapped and sold off into slavery to Thyatis or as Indentured Servants to Darokin. The Iron ring has been supported by the Black Eagle, and will receive continued support from the Baron's allies in Hattias even after Halag is liberated. Darokin Diplomats are aware of kidnapped Karameikans being sold into Indentured Servitude and are trying to solve this problem in order to ensure good relations with Karameikos, but legal issues and powerful lobbies has so far made this difficult. Halflings from the Five Shires have also been kidnapped in raids from the Black Eagle Barony and sold through the Iron Ring as slaves. This has increased problems between Karameikos and the Five Shires.

Source: B1-9 p 49 and WotI.