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Leviathan (Mystaran), Desert

by Jamie Baty

DMR2 69
Colossal Vermin
Hit Dice: 60d8+843 (1116 hp)
Initiative: +2 (-2 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: 15ft (3 squares), burrow 60 ft. (12 squares)
Armour Class: 18 (-8 size, -2 Dex, +18 natural), touch 0, flat-footed 18
Base Attack/Grapple: +45/+83
Attack: Bite +60 melee (3d12 +24)
Full Attack: Bite +60 melee (3d12 +24)
Space/Reach: 30 ft.+/20 ft.+
Special Attacks: Engulf, improved grab, ripples of sand, swallow whole
Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 15/epic, Darkvision 60ft., poison immunity, spell/psionic immunity, tremorsense
Saves: Fort +48, Ref +20, Will +23
Abilities: Str 55, Dex 6, Con 39, Int -, Wis 13, Cha 5
Skills: Hide +12*, Intimidate +28, Listen +37, Spot +3, Survival +32
Feats: Alertness, Awesome Blow, Blind Fighting, Cleave, Die Hard, Endurance, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (Bite),Improved Initiative, Improved Overrun, Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Run, Toughness x2, Weapon Focus(Bite),Weapon Specialisation (Bite)
Environment: Temperate, Warm deserts
Organisation: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 30
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 61-180 HD (Colossal)
Level Adjustment: -

Leviathans are among the mightiest creatures living on the Prime Material Plane. Travellers who meet a leviathan seldom live to tell the tale. Desert leviathans have pale brown hides that match their sandy environments; they can grow to be 500 feet long and 40 feet wide. Desert leviathans are virtually eyeless and near blind.
Leviathans are sensitive to vibrations in sand and generally attack any sizeable creature moving within a quarter mile of their location. When closing on its prey, a desert leviathan creates a ripple in the sand, like a huge ocean wave.

A desert leviathan likes to attack by simply engulfing a large volume of sand and swallowing as many foes as possible in one shot. It will endeavour to set itself up for opportunities to do this. Otherwise it will bite at foes and swallow them one by one.

Engulf (Ex): Under certain circumstances, a desert leviathan may engulf every foe within a 30ft cube with its huge maw as a standard attack. Victims are entitled to a Reflex save vs the desert leviathan's attack roll. Those that fail the save, automatically suffer bite damage and are immediately swallowed whole (see below). Those that succeed in the save dive out of the way, but are knocked prone in the process.
This ability may only be used at the end of a charge (at least 60ft) by the desert leviathan or if the leviathan achieves surprise by lying under the surface waiting for the targets to move overtop of its maw.

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a desert leviathan must hit with its bite attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and can attempt to swallow the foe the following round.

Ripples of Sand (Ex): If a desert leviathan moves just below the surface of the sand, it creates a massive wave of sand. The wave is 80ft wide, centred on the leviathan. All creatures, vehicles and non-structural objects hit by the wave are knocked 10-60ft in a random direction and suffer 1d6 points of damage per 10ft thrown and are knocked prone. Creatures are allowed a Reflex save vs DC 20 for half damage.
Any structures in the path of a desert leviathan's wave suffer 10-100 points of damage, ignoring the materials' hardness.

Swallow Whole (Ex): A desert leviathan can try to swallow a grabbed opponent of a smaller size than itself by making a successful grapple check. Once inside, the opponent takes 4d8+33 points of crushing damage plus 14 points of acid damage per round from the leviathan's gizzard. A swallowed creature can cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal 50 points of damage to the gizzard (AC 19). Once the creature exits, muscular action closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out.
A colossal desert leviathan's interior can hold 1 Gargantuan, 2 Huge, 8 Large, 32 Medium, 128 Small, or 512 Tiny or smaller opponents.

Damage Reduction (Su): A desert leviathan has damage reduction of 15/epic. A desert leviathan's bite is treated as an epic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Poison Immunity (Ex): Desert leviathan's are 100% immune to all poisons and poisonous effects, both natural and magical.

Spell/Psionic Immunity (Ex): Desert leviathan's are immune to disintegrate spells and all psionics, spells and spell-like abilities that do not cause direct damage.

Tremorsense (Ex): A desert leviathan is sensitive to vibrations in the ground and can automatically pinpoint the location of anything that is in contact with the ground within 1500ft of its body.

Skills: *A desert leviathan has a +20 racial bonus to all hide checks when it is lying under a sandy surface.

Vermin Traits: Vermin are mindless - they have no intelligence score and are immune to all mind-affecting effects. They have no sense of morality and are always neutral. They have 60ft. darkvision and any treasure they possess (which is usually none) consists of the property of former victims.