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Light Sabre

by S. Lentz

Here it is a revised and revamped version of the Light sabre. This is meant to be deadly in the hands of Jedi but a clumsy item in others.

Light Sabre

These weapons were originally found throughout Blackmoor(just like the Jedi) and taken as the chosen weapon to the Jedi all though others had them as well but none were as skilled in it as the Jedi, but once Blackmoor fell(and so did the Jedi) these were also lost. However after the recent revival of the Jedi Council these have been seen where ever the Jedi are and have become synonymous with the Jedi themselves. While although anyone can use it with some training the Jedi seem to have a flare when using this lightsabre and have used it for much more then hacking and slashing.

The light sabre consists of four primary parts, a casing or handle typically made out of adamant or similar metal which is set with all controls for the blade and is the part which the people will use to swing the blade, the blade which is what causes the actual damage and is a beam of focused light originating at one end or the other of the casing, and a engine and battery which can be found within the casing this is what actually makes the blade through focusing light through lenses, crystals and similar items. The battery typically has some magical power which the engine drains to make the blade typically batteries are reused from previous light sabre since it is hard to find or create a good long-lasting battery.

The typical set of controls consists of a sliding switch or pressure sensitive button which activates the engine and there fore creates the blade, also typically a safety nob can be found on most (some nicer ones have red and green lights to make sure the safety is on or off) and typically a turning nob is sometimes found to lengthen or shorten the blade of the light sabre.

Among other things most Jedi have there light sabre built with a belt loop, comfortable grip (usually with ridges so as to prevent slipping) and with some notes i.e. who it was constructed by and there title, when it was constructed, and with what materials (ground Wendarian crystal, a adamant casing and engine from someone else's light sabre and a battery made out of a artifact bought in Glantri) so as the info can be used later

Length of Battery Power (according to item):

Battery soaked or containing potions : 3months per dose

Charged items:1month per charge

Permanent effect but of lesser enchantment(i.e. ring of protection from fire): 1 year per enchantment

Permanent effect of enchantment (Holy sword or semi intelligent items): 3 years per ability or enchantment.

Permanent effect of greater enchantment (artifact, sentient item): 9 years per ability or enchantment

Light Sabre:

Cost: N/A Weight (lbs): 10 Size: M Type: S/P Speed Factor: 4 Damage: S-M; 2d6 L; 3d4

The Light Sabre is so powerful that all normal armours are treated at half their normal AC (round up and count all if any magical plus's)! If made with Adamantite or the Mithril alloy found in elven chain (note: not just plain mithril silver) or equally hard substances the AC is treated as normal.

If the blade is used against cut crystal or similar items (i.e. diamonds, glass prisms, armour inlaid with gems)their is a 2 in 10(1 or 2 rolled on 1d10) chance per attack made against it that the blade distorts and forms numerous beams equal to the amount of faces cut in the stone, each beam causes 1d4+1 and goes out in any direction acceptable.

If the any part of the light sabre is exposed to water the item will not function for 1d10+10 rounds per round of exposure. If someone is trying to use the light sabre while underwater or while it still wet it causes a electric shock of 2d6 points of damage to the user.

The light sabre also will not work if brought within 10ft of a magnetised piece of metal it will simply shut off.

Also the blade will only do half damage if brought into a area completely darkened by magic or other similar ways (note: it still causes damage normally out side during night), this is because of the darkness's effect on the light of the blade.