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Important NPCs:

by Geoff Gander

In this section is a sample of NPCs that the DM can use in order to confront the players with recurring characters during their time in Selhomarr.

Arthanell, High Mage of Selhomarr:

STR 8, INT 17, WIS 15, DEX 14, CON 11, CHA 14, 21st level human male magic user, aged 157.
AC 5 (DEX bonus + ring of protection +3), MV 90' (30'), #AT: 1 dagger or spell, Damage: 3d4, Hit points: 36, AL N.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Nithian, Carnifex (INT +1).
Skills: Mapping (INT), Ancient History - Lhomarrian (INT+3), Ancient History - Nithian (INT), Detect Deception (WIS), Danger Sense (WIS), Alchemy (INT+1), Science - Physics (INT +1), Science - Chemistry (INT), Science - Botany (INT+1), Navigation (INT), Stealth (DEX), Outer Being Lore (3).
Weapon Mastery: Dagger (Grand Master), Staff (Skilled), Sling (Skilled).

Born to a moderately successful merchant family in Dedremii in AC 843, Arthanell displayed a tremendous interest in magic from early childhood. Seeing that he would be unhappy with a future as a merchant, and that his brothers displayed more aptitude towards commercial matters, Arthanell's parents arranged for his apprenticeship to one of the local wizards once he had completed his Wandering.

For 20 years Arthanell studied under Myneris the Enlightened, gaining valuable insights into the secret world of Selhomarrian wizardry. Afterwards, Arthanell tried his hand at adventuring, using his already considerable collection of spells to combat fierce dragons, brave the Bogs of Disania, and plumb the mysteries of the Forsaken Steppes. It was in the steppes, amongst the blackened ruins of a great tower, that Arthanell discovered a small pile of mouldering tomes and scrolls, all of which hinted at the existence of malign entities known as the "Outer Beings". Though he had considered them to be a folk tale, what Arthanell learned in those books he could read convinced him of their existence, and of the menace they posed to civilisation.

The ensuing decades of his life were spent in painstaking research, both in trying to discover new spells that would unveil and combat the minions of the Outer Beings, and in deciphering ancient scrolls written in a language he had never seen before. It was not until he was 120 years old that Arthanell had finally managed to decipher the Carnifex script, as well as gain the necessary knowledge to learn how to speak the incantations contained within those scrolls. Since then, he has worked without cease in his tower, located in the foothills of the Kordithos Mountains, feverishly trying to find the lore needed to protect the world he loves.

Arthanell, being a recluse, has no relations with any of the other major NPCs.

Appearance: Arthanell is tall and thin for a Lhomarrian, being 6' tall and weighing 160 lbs. Though he has prolonged his life through magical means, Arthanell has a worn look about him - his hair is white, and his beard is often unkempt. He has dark circles under his brown eyes, as though he has not slept for days. He dresses in long black robes, covered with silvery runes that appear to dance about if looked at for too long. When in the presence of others, Arthanell is slightly taciturn and guarded; even around his apprentices.

Mayor Aymir of Calimnis, son of Brenar:

STR 8, INT 12, WIS 15, DEX 10, CON 13, CHA 12, normal human male, aged 58.
AC 9, MV 90' (30'), #AT: 1 dagger, Damage: 1d4-1, Hit points: 5, AL N.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Antalian.
Skills: Mapping (INT), Law and Justice - Selhomarr (WIS), Detect Deception (WIS), Lawyer (INT).
Weapon Mastery: None.

Born to a wealthy family in AC 942 in Calimnis, Aymir has always been interested in politics. After completing his Wandering, he studied law at one of the local institutions of higher learning, and became a lawyer. He won most of his cases, and gained a reputation for being fair-minded and incorruptible.

Emperor Amaran recognised these traits as good qualities for a leader, and so appointed him Mayor of Calimnis in AC 988 in recognition for his work in upholding the law. Aymir takes his job very seriously, and wants to give his best for the city that gave him so many opportunities. As a result, he tries to meet community leaders on a regular basis, and has frequent discussions with Empress Dinaria, whom he finds a fascinating person.

Aymir is on good terms with Dinaria, whom he respects greatly. He also thinks kindly of Mirinasi, whom he sees as a good counterbalance to Thessia's influence. He is neutral towards Tamaris, primarily because he has only had a handful of discussions with him, and even then on a purely formal level. The only public figure he is unsure about is Thessia, whom he finds overbearing at times, but admirable for her devotion to her principles.

Appearance: Aymir is of average height for a Lhomarrian man (5'9"), and has short, thinning grey hair and light brown eyes. He has a slightly swarthy complexion, and is slightly overweight for a man of his size. He is almost always wearing his grey and green mayoral robes, and carrying the golden sceptre of office. Aymir is a gentle, soft-spoken man, who tries to see all sides of the issue at hand before making judgements of any sort.

Brenil, Prince of Selhomarr, son of Tamaris:

STR 7, INT 14, WIS 8, DEX 14, CON 8, CHA 11, normal human male, aged 6.
AC 8 (DEX bonus), MV 120' (40'), #AT: None, Damage: None, Hit points: 2, AL N.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar.
Skills: None.
Weapon Mastery: None.

Brenil was born in AC 994, the second son of Tamaris and Dinaria. Even at this tender age, Brenil at times shows a maturity far beyond his years, as well as an inquisitive mind. For his entire life thus far, Brenil has lived in the shadow of his older brother, Calnir, who is already being groomed by his parents for the imperial throne.

A sickly child at birth, Brenil was held back by his parents from endangering himself, out of fear that he would be grievously injured, or killed. Never having the opportunity to engage in running and playing with the other noble children his own age, Brenil prefers to read sagas of long-dead heroes and powerful wizards, and explore the wonders of nature. He also spends a great deal of his time playing with puzzles, as well as drawing. His main fascination, though, is with magic. Whenever in the presence of visiting wizards, he can always be counted on to shyly ask to see some "magic tricks". Imperial magicians have privately told Tamaris that Brenil likely possesses an almost innate affinity for magic, and that his proper calling may lay in that direction.

Brenil has not developed any relations with any of the NPCs given here, aside from his parents and his brother, all of whom he loves greatly.

Appearance: Brenil takes strongly after his mother, Dinaria. He is slight for a boy his age, and stands 4'2" tall. He has tousled light brown hair and pale blue eyes, and his skin is quite pale for a Lhomarrian - partially due to the fact that he spends a fair portion of his time indoors with his books and puzzles. He is very shy around strangers, and will often hide behind one of his parents if he has reason to fear someone he does not know. Around his parents, Brenil is highly inquisitive, asking questions about almost anything. He often wears clothing that is dark green in colour - preferring hues reminiscent of the forests his mother loves to visit.

Calnir, Crown Prince of Selhomarr, son of Tamaris:

STR 11, INT 14, WIS 10, DEX 13, CON 12, CHA 12, normal human male, aged 9.
AC 8 (DEX bonus), MV 120' (40'), #AT: 1 sling, Damage: 1d4, Hit points: 4, AL N.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar.
Skills: Navigation (INT), Survival - Forest (INT).
Weapon Mastery: Sling (Basic).

Calnir was born in AC 991, the first son of Tamaris and Dinaria. Upon his birth, the attending cleric of Xeron pronounced that Calnir's birth was an auspicious one, and that Xeron had marked him for great deeds in his adult life. Tamaris had then decreed that Calnir would be his successor to the throne when he was of an appropriate age.

As soon as he could walk, Calnir has been educated in the arts of rulership by his father's advisers. Even after the birth of Brenil, this has not changed, and Calnir now assumes that, one day, he shall rule the empire. This has led Calnir to think along political lines at times - he studies his father's dealings with the regional princes and ponders what he might have done were he emperor, and he is being exposed to the political factions that compete in the Imperial Palace for political favours. Some of these factions have turned their attentions to Calnir.

When not learning the ways of politics, Calnir enjoys playing with the other noble children his own age. Owing to his knowledge of his own destiny, Calnir frequently takes control of any game, playing emperor in his own little court. He enjoys playing war with toy weapons, hunting, exploring the palace, and engaging in active sports, such as dilianath. He has little patience for books or for speeches, preferring active play.

Calnir deeply loves his parents, but occasionally he thinks he would make a better ruler than his father - a sign of the impatience of childhood mixed with his own upbringing. He also loves his brother, Brenil, but occasionally finds him "weird", because he prefers books and magic to active pursuits. He has no relations with any of the other NPCs.

Appearance: Calnir is a robust, active boy, standing 4'10", with a light olive complexion, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. He is not shy of strangers, but he tends to study then - almost appraising them. Around his parents, Calnir is open and playful. He tends to wear clothing patterned after military uniforms - a sign of one of his interests.

Dinaria, Empress of Selhomarr, daughter of Inaria:

STR 12, INT 13, WIS 15, DEX 13, CON 13, CHA 11, 3rd level female druid, aged 34.
AC 8 (DEX bonus), MV 120' (40'), #AT: 1 staff or sling, Damage: 1d6 or 1d4, Hit points: 14, AL N.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Antalian, Jennite.
Skills: Navigation (INT), Ceremony (WIS), Nature Lore (INT), Tracking (INT), Survival - Forest (INT), Healing (INT).
Weapon Mastery: Staff (Basic), Sling (Basic).

Dinaria was born in AC 966 to Prince Manaran of Annurios. Always a bright and inquisitive person, she looked forward to her Wandering, and spent a great deal of it with the druids of the Veroxith Forest in the northern regions of Selhomarr. There she learned the ways of the druids, becoming one herself. Her life after her return home was relatively uneventful, save for the occasional foray into the Korvoris Forest, where she occasionally assisted the local druids in their efforts to protect the local flora and fauna - though her status as a druid formally ended when she returned home after her Wandering.

Eventually, her family made arrangements for her to marry Crown Prince Tamaris. Unhappy at first, she eventually came to love her intended match after they had been allowed to spend time together - though her first love has always been the forest and its treasures.

Dinaria still misses the forests to this day, though she has come to enjoy some of the benefits of life in the capital city. She meets the mayor of the city regularly in order to discuss civic improvements and other municipal matters, and so channels her energies into something she feels is worthwhile. Whenever she has the opportunity, Dinaria spends time in the Imperial Grove, helping the druid Mirinasi in her duties, or just enjoying the tranquillity of the place.

She is good friends with Mirinisi, the current High Emissary to the Emperor, whom she met during her Wandering, and is neutral towards Thessia, whom she finds rather preachy. Dinaria deeply love for Tamaris, but finds him annoying at times because of his fondness for his past adventuring days. She hopes her sons, Calnir and Brenil, will be more "level-headed".

Appearance: Dinaria is 5'5" tall, and is of average weight (130 lbs.). She has a pale complexion for a Lhomarrian, with light brown hair and blue eyes. Soft-spoken, Dinaria does not believe in wasting her breath, but will not hesitate to berate anyone who insults her, her family, or her nation. Generally, she is a cheerful individual. She often wears flowing gowns of forest hues, but has been known to wander about in more rugged clothing when venturing to the Imperial Grove for some fresh air.

Gallos the Aged of Myiad, son of Alyir:

STR 8, INT 16, WIS 15, DEX 14, CON 12, CHA 10, 4th level male thief, aged 74.
AC 5 (DEX bonus + ring of protection +3), MV 90' (30'), #AT: 1 dagger or sling, Damage: 1d6-1 or 1d4-1, Hit points: 9, AL N.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Thyatian, Cestian, Antalian.
Skills: Swimming (CON), Mapping (INT), Navigation (INT), Boating (INT), Alertness (DEX), Ancient History - Lhomarrian (INT), Tracking (INT).
Weapon Mastery: Dagger (Skilled), Sling (Basic).
Thief Skills: Open Locks 30%, Find/Remove Traps 25%, Climb Wall 90%, Move Silently 35%, Hide in Shadows 24%, Pick Pockets 35%, Hear Noise 45%.

Born in AC 926 to a family of dockworkers and sailors in Dirdassos, Gallos learned early on in life what it meant to be a minority. Harassed by Ilarnnian street thugs in his youth, young Gallos made up his mind early on in life to leave his home and seek his fortune elsewhere. Passing through Sepirolos during his Wandering, he decided to stow away on an Antalian ship during a raid. Through sheer luck, he managed to avoid detection until he was halfway to Antalian lands, where he avoided being thrown overboard by showing his seamanship skills, which saved the ship from sinking during a storm.

Reaching Antalian lands, he was allowed to go free out of the ship captain's gratitude. Gallos the wandered among the various towns, until he fell in with a thieves' guild in the town of Willnja at the age of 20. There he stayed for two years, plying the thief's trade and earning himself a reputation for being agile, and light-fingered. He also fell in with some adventurous Antalian youths, and the four of them gained reputations as adventurers of some repute.

Not long afterwards, a crazed wanderer came into town from the south, telling of great riches lying beyond the dark lands in that direction. Showing some impressive baubles as evidence, the four young men made preparations to trek to this far-off land. The journey from Selhomarr lasted four months, which they survived only by scrounging and hunting (they even killed a young Vulcanian sloth), and from assistance provided by the wild elves living in the region, who were grateful for the assistance they unwittingly provided. Ultimately, they came to a realm where there were blue skies, and a yellow sun that set. They made their way northeast to steadily warmer climes, ending up in the region known as the Lost Valley.

From there they separated, with Gallos heading north, ending up on the Isle of Cestia. There he stayed for five years, learning the language and culture. After hearing of great empires to the north, he made his way northwest, and found himself in Seagirt, on the largest of the Pearl Island chain. He went further northwest from here, ending up in Thyatis, where he stayed 15 years, plying his trade to support himself, learning the language, and collecting choice pieces of lore to satisfy his curiosity.

Eventually longing for home, he decided to return to his homeland. By the age of 43, Gallos had returned home, and went to the town of Myiad as a seeker of knowledge. There he learned the arts of discourse and philosophy, and he soon acquired a reputation for having controversial views on the nature of the world, though few believed him. There he remains to this day.

Gallos does not have any real relations with any of the other major NPCs listed here, though he does find Thessia to be closed-minded about how the world works.

Appearance: Gallos is an average-sized man for his age, with a slightly ruddy complexion, grey eyes, with white hair and a neatly-trimmed white beard. He often dresses in blue or light grey robes, and is often seen carrying a book in the crook of one of his arms. He always carries a dagger hidden in his robes, and wears a ring of protection +3, a souvenir of his adventuring days.

High Emissary Mirinasi, daughter of Aluniria:

STR 11, INT 14, WIS 16, DEX 13, CON 12, CHA 13, 15th level female druid, aged 35.
AC 8 (DEX bonus), MV 120' (40'), #AT: 1 spell or staff, Damage: by spell or 1d8+7, Hit points: 33, AL N.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Nithian, Tanagoro.
Skills: Nature Lore (INT), Healing (INT), Ceremony (WIS), Tracking (INT), Survival - Forest (INT), Snare (INT), Navigation (INT), Boating (INT), Singing (CHA), Dancing (DEX), Ancient History - Lhomarrian (INT), Area Knowledge - Veroxith Forest (INT).
Weapon Mastery: Staff (Grand Master), Sling (Skilled).

Mirinasi was born in AC 965 to an Ilarnnian farming family on the outskirts of Rethnaris. Always mystified by nature, she decided to join the druidic circle that cared for the Veroxith Forest to the north once she came of age. There she met the future empress, Dinaria, who was training with the druids during her Wandering.

After a few years, she decided to move to the province of Annurios, where she could assist the druids living in the Korvorian Forest in their efforts to protect it. Over the following years, she became highly respected across the empire for her skills and her devotion, and for her wise counsel to Prince Manaran of Annurios on all matters relating to nature.

At the beginning of AC 1000, she was voted at the annual gathering of druids to be the next High Emissary to the Emperor, a great honour for someone as young as Mirinasi. She has adopted her new duties with relish, and works very hard to represent the interests of the druids to the ruler.

Mirinasi is a good friend of Dinaria, though she is more neutral towards Tamaris (she serves him out of devotion to her nation and out of respect for the will of the druids in choosing her) - primarily because she does not know him very well. The only other notable NPC she has met is Thessia, whom she finds representative of all that Ilarnnians dislike about Lhomarrians - narrow-minded, imperious, and fanatical about Xeron. Despite this, she has been able to build a working relationship with Thessia, but one that is cool nonetheless.

Appearance: Mirinasi is a typical Ilarrnian, being rather short (5'3") and slim, and having a dusky skin tone (someone from the Known World might mistake her for a short Alasiyan). She has dark brown eyes, and short, dark auburn hair. She almost always wears the brown robes of the druids of the Korvoris Forest, and her staff is always by her side. Mirinasi is a friendly person who always takes time to talk to anyone visiting the Imperial Grove, and to listen to any tales of the outside world. She is a veritable fountain of information concerning herb lore, healing, the wildlife of Selhomarr, and the properties of the Dillianora tree.

Premiran of Heressina, son of Oromir:

STR 12, INT 12, WIS 14, DEX 13, CON 16, CHA 14, 2nd level male cleric of the Outer Beings, aged 26.
AC 8 (DEX bonus), MV 120' (40'), #AT: 1 spell or mace, Damage: by spell or 1d6, Hit points: 14, AL C.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Nithian, Carnifex.
Skills: Ceremony - Outer Beings (WIS), Deceive (CHA), Ancient History - Lhomarrian (INT), Drinking (CON), Swimming (CON).
Weapon Mastery: Mace (Basic), Sling (Basic).

Premiran was born in AC 974 in the poorer section of Heressina, where lack of opportunities turned him towards the path of petty crime and debauchery. As a youth, Premiran was always bullied by the tougher children, and since that time craved a means of avenging the slights, no matter how small, that he feels he has suffered.

It was not long before a local chapter of the cult that worships the Outer Beings noticed him, and, believing him to be a useful pawn, sought to entice him with promises of power and riches if he would swear loyalty to them. Premiran joined the cult, learned the Carnifex tongue (the language used in the cult's ceremonies) and during his initiation ceremony beheld a manifestation of Akh'All, one of the Outer Beings. The sight of this creature drove him to the brink of madness, and he wandered the streets of Heressina for several weeks as a derelict, drowning the ghastly image as best he could with drink.

Since then he has recovered somewhat, though he is often plagued by images of Akh'All in his dreams and in the corners of his vision, which he tries to banish with alcohol. A loyal member of the cult, he has brought in many victims for the sacrificial altars, including those men who, as children, made his life miserable. Using charm and deception, he entices potential victims with promises of good times, and leads them to one of any number of abandoned buildings, where he overpowers them and drags them underground, where the cult has its temple.

Premiran has no relations with any of the other NPCs.

Appearance: Premiran is tall and thin (he is 6'2"), and has an ashen complexion. He has pale grey eyes and sandy blond hair. Despite his unhealthy appearance, he attracts victims with his soft and soothing voice, and penetrating stare. Due to his frequent hallucinations, he often has a haunted look about him, and sometimes mutters and giggles to himself. He is quite mad.

Tamaris, Emperor of Selhomarr, son of Amaran:

STR 16, INT 13, WIS 11, DEX 9, CON 16, CHA 9, 12th level male fighter, aged 37.
AC 8 (1 with armour), MV 120' (40'), #AT: 1 short sword, Damage 1d6+8, Hit points: 72, AL N.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Milenian, Nithian.
Skills: Navigation (INT), Boating (INT), Ancient History - Lhomarrian (INT), Swimming (CON), Military Tactics (INT), Bravery (WIS), Ceremony - Xeron (WIS), Riding Horse (DEX), Leadership (CHA + 1), Detect Deception (WIS), Survival - Forest (INT).
Weapon Mastery: Short Sword (Expert), Trident (Skilled), Short Bow (Skilled), Hand axe (Basic).

Tamaris was born in Calimnis in AC 963, the only child of then-emperor Amaran. As a youth, he was exceedingly precocious - a veritable "holy terror" to both the palace staff and the imperial family. A very active boy with an incredibly short attention span, Tamaris could not wait until he could go on his Wandering, and when he finally did so, it was with great reluctance that he returned home.

Even after his Wandering was over, young Tamaris was always in search of adventure, covertly leaving the Imperial Palace whenever possible to meet up with his friends for a few days' adventuring in the wilderness. Occasionally he would pretend to go on diplomatic missions (claiming to be training himself for rulership), only to go adventuring in foreign lands for weeks or months at a time).

Eventually, Amaran grew ill, and abdicated in favour of Tamaris. Thus, Tamaris found himself enmeshed in the politics of his nation at the age of 28. Not long after ascending the throne, Tamaris found himself in an arranged marriage with Dinaria, daughter of the Prince of Annurios. Although they came to love each other, Tamaris feels that his new life has been forced upon him.

Unhappy with ruling Selhomarr, Tamaris fondly remembers his days wandering the Hollow World in search of adventure - he would give almost anything to go back to his old life. He realises that his duty is to his people, though, and to his family, so he has resigned himself to his role. Nevertheless, Tamaris still finds the time to go on secretive hunts with his old friends by delegating some of the less glamorous duties of rulership to his many officials.

Tamaris is in good terms with most if the people he meets. This is mainly because his political opponents know his heart is not set on rulership, so he is not seen as a threat to anyone. He has two sons, Calnir and Brenil, both of whom he hopes will take to rulership better than he has.

Appearance: Tamaris is tall (6'1"), and slightly paunchy (he weighs 200 lbs., most of it muscle) from the relaxed lifestyle he has come to live. A restless individual, Tamaris often paces about, or fidgets with any nearby item. He has lively hazel eyes, and wears his long brown hair in a ponytail - a form of rebellion against his short-haired political colleagues, and as a reminder of his adventuring days. His left cheek is heavily marked with white scars, which he got during his Wandering from an encounter with a dire wolf in the Rethelnis Forest. He often dresses in rich leather and silk clothing, cut to resemble standard adventuring garb. Tamaris always wears a ring of protection +1, and when in battle he wears a suit of bronze scale mail +2 and carries a shield +1. His personal weapon is a short sword +2, +4 vs. dragons.

Thallia of Calimnis, daughter of Disalia:

STR 14, INT 12, WIS 13, DEX 9, CON 13, CHA 11, 1st level female cleric of Xeron, aged 20.
AC 9, MV 120' (40'), #AT: 1 mace or short sword, Damage: 1d6+1, Hit points: 7, AL L.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Nithian.
Skills: Ceremony - Xeron (WIS), Navigation (INT), Ancient History - Lhomarrian (INT), Leatherworking (DEX), Teaching (WIS).
Weapon Mastery: Mace (Basic), Short Sword (Basic).

Thallia is an initiate in the priesthood of Xeron, having grown up in Calimnis to a family of leatherworkers. After completing her Wandering at 19, she felt the calling of the priesthood, and joined within weeks of completing her rite of adulthood. She saw too many people within Selhomarr's countryside who still lacked what many in the capital consider the basic amenities of life, such as opportunities to grow and develop, and an education of similar quality to that provided in Calimnis.

She has now made it her life's mission to improve the lot of country folk. She is currently working at the temple in the village of Pesinnir, about 10 miles south of Calimnis, where she helps educate the local children, helps the farmers with their sowing and harvesting, and does some leather repair in her spare time - all to help the people of this village. As community service is one of the central tenets of the priesthood, her profession agrees with her admirably.

Overall, Thallia is a cheerful, independent, and somewhat naïve young woman, who tries to see the good side of everything. She is fiercely passionate about her faith, and would not hesitate to lay down her life to protect her culture, her religion, or especially the villagers of Pesinnir.

Thallia does not have any relations with any of the other NPCs except for Thessia, whom she once met, and has admired ever since.

Appearance: Thallia is slightly taller than average (5'10") for a woman, and is very willowy in build. She has short brown hair and hazel eyes, and a light olive skin tone. Thallia is slightly clumsy, and anyone watching her will notice she is always dropping things - but this is partly because of her shyness, and anxiety about being in front of other people and trying not to look silly. She wears a white robe over a brown tunic and breeches, and sturdy leather boots.

High Priestess Thessia of Sepirolos, daughter of Lorissa:

STR 11, INT 13, WIS 18, DEX 9, CON 14, CHA 11, 29th level female cleric of Xeron, aged 52.
AC 8 (ring of protection +1, 2 with armour), MV 120' (40'), #AT: 1 spell or mace, Damage: by spell or 2d4+6, Hit points: 67, AL L.
Languages: Lhomarrian, Ilarnnian, Neathar, Antalian, Milenian.
Skills: Navigation (INT), Riding Horse (DEX + 2), Leadership (CHA + 3), Ceremony - Xeron (WIS), Healing (INT), Detect Deception (WIS), Danger Sense (WIS), Survival - Forest (INT), Ancient History - Lhomarrian (INT + 2), Law and Justice - Selhomarr (WIS), Art - Mosaic (WIS), Boating (INT), Swimming (CON).
Weapon Mastery: Mace (Grand Master), Staff (Basic), Sling (Skilled).

Thessia was born in AC 948 in Sepirolos, to a family of fishermen. Her father was a member of the Antalian community, and her mother was a Lhomarrian. From an early age she learned the rigours of a life at sea, learning both how to sail and how to swim before most other children her age did. The part of town that she knew as home was quite poor, and she was resigned to a life at sea when, at 15, she had a dream in which a shining man addressed her, and told her she had to sail over the Sea of Rax and render aid to an old man in need. That night, she sneaked off with some provisions, and set sail for Iciria.

Luck was with her, and she reached the shores of Iciria, and was "guided" to an area where she fought off a small group of roving Krugel orcs, who were attacking an old man. The old man was in fact a priest of Ixion, who received word from his Immortal that a promising champion would come to be tested. Thessia's survival was her test, and so began her path to becoming a cleric.

Thessia rose rapidly in the clerical hierarchy over the years following her Wandering - foiling the plots of the priests of Thanatos, and those of the Outer Beings, from time to time, and eliminating rogue wizards who experimented with the undead and other black arts. She also spent a great deal of her time serving her fellow citizens by feeding the poor, helping farmers with their harvests, and hunting monsters that threatened communities.

In AC 998, Thessia became High Priestess of Xeron, crowning her prodigal career as a cleric. She is devoted to Xeron and Selhomarr, and feels that Xeron himself has guided her to the position she now occupies for a special purpose. In this she is correct, though she is unaware of the reason - Ixion has been girding his followers for the impending resurgence of the Carnifex.

Thessia is on friendly terms with Dinaria, though she is neutral towards Mirinasi, whom she sees as interloping too much in her own role as spiritual adviser to the imperial family. She is loyal to the emperor, but her first loyalties are to Xeron and to Selhomarr, in that order.

Appearance: Thessia is tall for a Lhomarrian woman (5'11"), but this is most likely due to her Antalian heritage. She has long blond hair (in a single braid to her waist) and blue eyes, and is of average build. Anyone speaking with her will recognise instantly the clipped tones of the Xerothnyi dialect of Lhomarrian, though her voice is smooth and rather quiet. Thessia is a determined individual, unwilling to admit defeat in anything presented to her, lest it be a test from Xeron. She also has a matronly air about her, few can meet her gaze and remain defiant, and her voice seems to carry a finality with it, as though she knows what is good for you, even if you do not. This grates on some people. Thessia always wears her ring of protection +1, and when in battle carries a shield and wears bronze scale mail +1. Normally, she wears the flowing red and yellow robes of a senior cleric of Xeron.

DM Note: You may have noticed that many of the higher-level NPCs seem to have more skills than would otherwise seem possible. This is because they have been created according to a modification on the rules for skills. Instead of only applying bonus skill slots for high Intelligence at first level, I have done so at every level at which skill slots are gained. I find this far more accurately reflects an adventurer's experiences as he or she advances in level - highly intelligent people would learn more from their experiences than would less intelligent people. If you choose not to adopt this rule, please feel free to take off whatever skills you do not wish the NPCs to have, keeping in mind that the Navigation and Mapping skills, where they appear, are part of a Lhomarrian's special compensation, and should remain.