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Sources of the Lhomarrians

by Geoff Gander

The very first product the Lhomarrians appeared in was the timeline of the Carnifex of Y’hog. They were originally created to be a Mystaran analogue to the Atlantean civilisation, as well as the main rivals to one branch of the Carnifex and to explain how they were stopped. There are two points to emphasise here (I’m not sure how deeply you have explored the Vaults):

1. The Carnifex of Y’hog are not the same as the Carnifex who featured in module M3 (“Twilight Calling”), who are now generally referred to as Greater Carnifex. The Y’hog Carnifex were essentially a lesser - although still very powerful - variety of the species who lived in their cousins’ shadow until the latter got exiled by the Immortals. They had a lot of the lore, but simply didn’t possess the same level of power to be able to directly challenge the Immortals. They were still a great threat and managed to wipe out several civilizations and eventually be seen to be enough of a danger that the Immortals realized they had to step in. This is where the Lhomarrians came in.

2. While I realize some of the M level modules revealed to players that Alphatia’s secret name was Atlantis, I always thought that this made no sense (why bring in something from the real world?) and later products (like Dawn of the Emperors) never continued with that notion. However, I loved the concept of Atlantis and thought it would add to lot to the body of Mystaran legends. So I created an Atlantean equivalent specifically for the setting, with its own cycle of heroism and tragedy (the war with the Carnifex) that can be discovered by the players.

All this said, if you want to learn what the Lhomarrians were like as a people, the best source is the Gazetteer of the Empire of Selhomarr. In that, I wrote DM’s and Players’ handbooks providing a lot of the history. Much of the focus of course is on what happened after they got transported to the Hollow World, but this is the most official source you’re going to find.

I will add that others have been building on what I wrote, and it’s all very good and consistent with what I envisioned.