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by Valentius

Medium Fey

HD : 12d6-12 (27hp)
Initiative : +9
Speed : 30'
AC : 36 (+9 dex, +11 deflection, +6 natural, touch 30, flat footed 27)
Base Attack/Grapple : +6/+5
Attack : 1 touch melee +15 (fey touch)
Full Attack : 2 touch melee +15 (fey touch)
Reach : 5'/5'
Special Attacks : Enchanting Beauty, Spells, Spell-like abilities, Fey Touch.
Special Qualities : Damage Reduction 15/evil and cold iron, Spell Resistance 22, Unearthly Grace, Wild Empathy, Bardic Song.
Saves : Fortitude +14, Reflex +28, Will +21
Abilities : str 9, dex 28, con 8, int 12, wis 14, cha 32
Skills : Perform +29, Escape Artist +24, Knowledge (Nature) +10, Knowledge (Arcana) +7,
Hide +24, Move Silently +24, Spot +17, Diplomacy +26
Feats : weapon finesse, quicken spell-like ability (invisibility), skill focus (perform), spell focus (enchantment).
Environment : Temperate Forest
Organisation : Solitary
Challenge Rating : 12
Treasure : No Coins.
Alignment : always Chaotic Good
Advancement : -
Level Adjustment : -

"A divinely beautiful nymph dances among the trees, playing a tune on her harp that pierces your hearts. As she looks upon you and smiles, all of your earthly cares are forgotten "

Sometimes called "mother of nymphs", the lilia is an ancient forest spirit that personifies beauty, goodness, and grace. Even cold, undead hearts may be touched by her presence.
Lilias live in the most ancient forests, one lilia residing in each.
Among the fey they are a queenly influence, cherished and loved by all. They never abuse their power, preferring to sing and play alone among the trees. Their most appreciated allies are the elder treants (12HD+), who protect them while being immune to the lilias enchanting presence.
They are playful, and sometimes use their magic to draw travellers into games of hide and seek, or similar pranks.
Some lilias may be the servants or messengers of nature loving immortals.


A lilia never enters combat, but will fight with all her powers to protect her friends ,and the forest. The use their quickened invisibility to full effect, casting spells on allies and enemies, and only then charging into melee, trusting their dexterity and grace to protect them. Of course, the above is relevant only if all present are not totally enchanted by her presence alone.

Unless notes otherwise, all of the lilia's special abilities are at 13th caster level.

Enchanting Beauty (Su) : Every intelligent creature that sees the lilia becomes hopelessly in love with her. This is a mind affecting effect, although creatures with less than 12HD may also be affected, no matter their type or immunities. This may cause allies to fight among themselves for the lilia's attention, or cause an affected being to forget everything other than the lilia. Creatures must save every round to avoid the effect (Will DC 27).
The enchanted creatures remain enchanted for up to 24 hours after leaving the lilia's presence, although they may save when the lilia leaves and every hour after that. Note that both females and males are equally affected.

Fey Touch (Su) : The lilia's touch may heal or harm, depending on the touched being's alignment. Good beings are affected by a Cure Moderate Wounds (DC 23), neutral beings are affected by Cure Light Wounds (DC 22) and evil beings by Blindness and Inflict Moderate Wounds (DC 23). Undead are always struck by cure moderate wounds, suffering damage.
In addition, the lilia may choose to paralyse any touched being, as the hold monster spell, for 13 rounds (DC 25).
Will Save DC to avoid her touch's effects is charisma based.
The lilia's hands glow, and her touch is considered a touch spell for purposes of drawing attacks of opportunity.

Spells : The lilia casts spells as a 13th level Bard.
Spells per day : 6,6,6,6,4,2
Spells typically Known : 0th - dancing lights, daze, ghost sound, light, summon instrument. 1st - expeditious retreat, silent image, sleep, summon monster I. 2nd - animal messenger, blur, suggestion, summon monsters II. 3rd - major image, daylight, confusion, haste. 4th - break enchantment, freedom of movement, speak with plants, summon monsters IV. 5th - mass suggestion, mislead.

Spell-Like abilities : At Will - invisibility. 3/day - dimension door.

Bardic Song : The lilia has the bardic song special quality, as a 13th level bard.

Unearthly Grace (Su): A Lilia adds her Charisma modifier as a bonus on all her saving throws, and as a deflection bonus to her Armour Class. (The statistics block already reflects these bonuses).

Wild Empathy (Ex): This power works like the druid's wild empathy class feature, except that a Lilia has a +6 racial bonus on the check.