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The satrapies of Limor and Vareinya

by Geoff Gander

Limor: This satrapy is the transplanted remnant of the Lhomarrian maritime colonies that survived that continent's sinking, which were subsequently warped by the kopru before being destroyed. Like their distant ancestors, the Limorians are very exploratory and have strong spiritual leanings, but they venerate darker powers and use their military might to conduct merciless raids on their neighbours (their pirates also raid communities on the lake that borders their territory). Limorians comprise a large percentage of Adhuza's army.

Vareinya: The Vareinyans are descended from coastal Varellyans who fell under the sway of the kopru, and turned their nautical prowess to piracy and slaving. These habits continue in the Hollow Moon, but their strength is often augmented by Limoran and Labrysian marines. Owing to their slightly more cosmpolitan past (compared to the Lhomarrians and Nithians, at any rate) Vareinyans often represent (and spy for) Adhuza in other realms.