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LIMN (Kingdom of)

Location: Ledge on the west central rim of the floating continent of Alphatia between the Kerothar Mountain Range and the precipice, south of Frisland and north of Stonewall. HW

Area: 9,977 sq. mi. (25,840 sq. km.).

Population: 225,000, including Trollhattan (pop. 30,000). [Population figures are tentative, pending census. Ed.]

Languages: Alphatian (Limn dialect).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp). Limn mints no other coins, but accepts all kinds of coins and other wealth as payment.

Taxes: 15% income tax on everyone of servant status or higher. Slaves are counted as the property of the owner and the product of their labour is taxed as income for the owner. An additional fee is charged to register monster variants created through experimentation. In order to encourage the kingdom to remain a haven for monsters, they have also imposed a surtax on "normal" beings (humans and demihumans) living here.

Government Type: Monarchy, member of the Alphatian Empire.

Industries: Magical experimentation (especially modification and creation of monsters).

Important Figures: Drushiye (King, elf, male, F9/M10), Mellora (Queen, dryad).

Flora and Fauna: See Alphatia.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperor boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Zweibelterm.

Limn is a truly interesting kingdom. Among an empire where most kingdoms can trace their existence back through the centuries, Limn is very young, second only to Stoutfellow in the lateness of its foundation, having existed for little more than a century. Another oddity is the kingdom's size. Limn is the smallest kingdom in area by far, no larger than some of the petty fiefdoms that barbarian nations are composed of. However, Limn does have a significant population, though it too is unusual. Limn's population is largely monstrous non-humans. They do, at least, cleave to the proper order of things in that their social system follows the Alphatian model, with the skilled (spellcasters) at the top and the untutored forming the servile classes. In other respects, the kingdom is quite exotic, with monster mores predominating (for example, when you visit, be sure to put on an imposing show of your power, lest you be molested by aggressive or bored monsters). Limn is surely an example of the diversity found in Alphatia but absent in more unenlightened places, and everyone should visit it at least once to see its quaint culture, though as a person of taste I wouldn't recommend actually living among them.